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Where’s the (Boys) Love – Digital Manga Licenses Starry Sky

Digital Manga Licenses Starry Sky

Digital Manga’s newsletter came out yesterday, re-confirming their license of My Cute Crossdresser and listing another title, Starry☆Sky. The first volume of the series is due out in April 2012.

Starry☆Sky is a manga series based on a visual novel game of the same name published in Japan. It’s one of several manga adaptations of the story which follows a girl entering a private school that was until recently an all boys’ school. Over time she makes friends with a group of boys who’re based on the Western zodiac and romance ensues.

Starry☆Sky seems like an odd choice for releasing as a June book, similar to what I thought when I first saw My Cute Crossdresser licensed for Project-H. My confusion wasn’t helped by the genre listing of ‘shonen’ on Digital Manga’s website. This manga series was originally released in a magazine, Comic B’s-Log Kyun, that publishes shoujo series. Some of them look to have some BL-implication – such as a version of Togainu no Chi – but none implicitly boys’ love in nature. With that in mind, plus that it’s based on a shoujo girl-is-surrounded-by-a-harem-of-young-men-who-could-love-her game, is Starry☆Sky being published under their June line for actual BL content or just having a high pretty boy count?

Update (11/12/2011): Digital Manga has switched Starry☆Sky‘s imprint to DMP.

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – November 9, 2011

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - November 9, 2011

Wednesday! New comics day! You can read the list of new manga volumes out this week over at my On The Shelf article at Otaku USA.

There’s a bunch of new Digital Manga titles shipping this week, and Viz Media has released their new original-orientation, newly translated and highly spiffy looking omnibus edition of X. CLAMP really owns the omnibus market here don’t they? Their works are definitely setting a standard!

Samejima and Mangos – Digital Manga Licenses Two New BL

Digital Manga Licenses...

Yaoi-Con may only have been a week ago but Digital Manga’s newest e-mail newsletter has two new for-print manga licenses. They’ve also since posted about titles on their blog.

Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun – Koshino
Castle Mango (Vol. 01) – Muku Ogura & Narise Konohara

Just looking at the cover artwork you can see a big difference in the mood of each one. Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun looks really fun and Digital Manga lists it as a “HILARIOUS comedy”. Their plot synopsis of Castle Mango definitely piques my curiousity though, roughly as it may be written: “A 30yr old gay Adult Video producer (seme) x A college kid, straight, inherited & owns a love hotel (uke).”

While I love we get licensing news so quick and directly from the publisher, it would be nice if they could provide a tad bit of substance when sharing. Titles, artists and cover thumbnails are all good but I’m disappointed to see no real synopsises for the stories. Sure we BL fangirls are known for adoring some titles for shiny artwork and man-on-man action alone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy something called a plot the majority of the time.

There are no release dates yet for the books’ publication from Digital Manga either (though these are likely little more than hopes and estimations this early on anyway) but based on past licenses, we’ll likely see these books available mid-2012. Titles released recently by Digital Manga (such as About Love last week) were originally announced just this past April.

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – October 26, 2011

On The Shelf - October 26, 2011

It’s a week of especially amazing works coming out! Don’t waste a manga-buying moment and stop by this week’s On The Shelf article to see the titles being released tomorrow.

A Bride’s Story (Vol.02), Yotsuba&! (Vol.10), Drops of God (Vol.01)… and then you have the fangirl button pressing Black Butler (Vol. 07) and a guilty pleasure like Air Gear (Vol.20) sprinkled on top. But those are just my absolute must-haves – still lots more on the list where those came from.

Writing On The Shelf for Otaku USA, I continue to be impressed week after week about just how much manga is released in North America. Stacks of new books every week. And by stand nearly every book at 150+ pages and all this ‘after’ the manga bubble ‘burst’. Sure we can always want more and more but you know what? We’re so darn lucky and I love it! Thank you, publishers :)

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – October 12, 2011

On The Shelf - October 12, 2011

Conventions are generally my time to dig through boxes of vendors’ manga to find those older missed titles but that doesn’t mean I skip a beat on the new titles out! My most recent On The Shelf article is up at Otaku USA with this week’s new releases.

I was really happy to see the new volume of March Story is out from Viz Media. It’s not a series that seems to be on many people’s radar but I really enjoyed the first two. They can get pretty gruesome but my interest in the characters and gorgeous imagery outweighed the sometimes overly-heavy violence elements easily.

Seeing the release dates come up for Digital Manga‘s big pile of boys’ love titles was the real kicker for me though. Rabbit Man, Tiger Man; A Strange & Mystifying Story; and Kizuna are three of my favourite boys’ love series. I hope I can find copies of these new books at NYAF this weekend!

Digital Manga Newsletter Licenses and YaoiCon Events

Digital Manga Announces New Licenses and YaoiCon Events

Digital Manga’s weekly Newsletter was released tonight and in it were a couple fun tidbits of info for boys’ love fans.

Even though the upcoming YaoiCon is only a month away, Digital Manga is still revealing new licenses utilizing their newsletter. Exciting as the con atmosphere is for new licenses, I love that they’re sprinkling license news online like this. It definitely beats finding it randomly on Amazon. The new two books are:

Depression of the Anti-Romanticist
by Yasuna Saginuma (Author)/Riyu Yamakami (Manga-ka)

Beast & Feast (pictured above)
by Norikazu Akira

Along with the licensing announcements, some Digital Manga Guild reminders and job postings, they also made a few quick notes on the contents of their YaoiCon events:

DMP Panel(date/time:tba)News
New Releases/New Licenses
More Promotions!
Top-Secret announcement!!
DMG Panel(date/time:tba)News
Up-coming Releases
More Japanese Publishers!
Incentive bonuses for groups!!”

YaoiCon takes place October 21st-23rd down in Burlingame, California. Digital Manga’s sponsored guest this year is Fusanosuke Inariya, creator of (to name an especially popular one), Maiden Rose. Digital Manga doesn’t make too many convention appearances but as a company that primarily publishes boys’ love, they always save up their resources and news for this yearly event.

While I’m always most eager to hear about new licenses, I’m curious about their ‘Top-Secret Announcement’. More publication exclusives such as Yellow 2? Related to DMG or the requests for novel translators this past month? More accessibility to their eManga library (access to it on a smartphone would be a ‘huge’ step in me dipping my toe into digital manga with all their DMG one-shots)? Maybe some yuri licenses?! …I can dream right? I keep telling myself their library of Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou means they have a great gateway in place already for fans so it could happen…

News-wise, I’m also curious if they’ll talk at all about their newly, and rather quietly, launched hentai imprint Project-H. Sure it’s not BL but I’m definitely not the only BL reader out there who likes a little senseless, heterosexual porn sometimes.

Convention season is coming to a close for another year (well… a handful of months anyway) but I’m sure we’ll have plenty to ponder, discuss and cheer for after YaoiCon and the upcoming NYAF/NYCC. Any big manga news you’ve got your fingers crossed for?

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – August 31, 2011

On The Shelf - August 31, 2011

Is it really the last day of August already? Yikes… summer just flew by. I can’t believe people will be returning to school in just a few days. I may’ve graduated years ago, but I still love hitting the books – just a different kind of course (not that I didn’t read a heck of a lot of manga in my school years as well!). Otaku USA has my newest edition of On The Shelf posted for this week’s manga releases.

My top pick is definitely Kohta Hirano’s Drifters. Elves, magic, distorted and exaggerated historical figures and the creator’s snazzy art style = a must read! Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait as long for volume two of Drifters as we did for volume thirteen of Eden… Better than never though, Dark Horse, so my thanks for both this week!

Devils & Wolves – Digital Manga Adds 3 New Boys’ Love Titles

Digital Manga Adds 3 New Boys' Love Titles

Slipping in some under the radar news last week (unless you’re signed up with DMP’s handy newsletter), Digital Manga has added a few new boys’ love titles to their print line-up:

Devil’s Infirmary – Aco Oumi
(“Hokenshitsu no Akuma”)

Ambiguous Relationship – Masara Minase
(“Mijuku na Kareshi”)

Gentlemen’s Agreement Between A Rabbit & a Wolf – Oumi Shinano
(“Usagi to Ookami no Shinshikyoutei”)

Devil’s Infirmary is the second book Aco Oumi has had published by Digital Manga – the first being 801Media‘s Love Circumstances. Amibiguous Relationship‘s artist may look familiar to some also – they’ve had a couple works released by Drama Queen and were the artist for June‘s BL novel, The Lonely Egotist. Oumi Shinano hasn’t had any works released in English yet but they do have a one-shot titled Yakuza Cafe coming from June in October.

Digital Manga has also recently updated their website to include book releases up until September 2012. Some notable (and my most anticipated titles) include up to volume five of Tyrant Who Falls In Love and the Finder series, About Love (wedding planner yaoi? Must see!) and the long-awaited third volume of A Strange and Mystifying Story.

An important distinction to make is the licenses above are for print and don’t include Digital Manga’s growing list of one-shot titles being published through their Digital Manga Guild. This includes the recently released Tired of Waiting for Love. The DMG titles are digitally only and will be released on as they come out. I recommend following Digital Manga’s Twitter account for guild news as it comes out.

*Image above is from cover of Oumi Shinano’s Gentlemen’s Agreement Between A Rabbit & a Wolf 

Review: Cold Fever

Cold Fever

Author: Narise Konohara
Manga-ka: Nanao Saikawa
Publisher: June Manga
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: February 2011

Synopsis: “Tohru lost his most of his memory in an accident. He can’t remember anything that happened from the past six years. Struggles, but with time, he slowly recovers his memory. He feels as if he is a different person now, and he hates “the other guy” – the “himself” from six years ago… And thinking, Fujishima was his friend, felt like he was being watched over like a guardian angel but in the end he’s betrayed. Miserable and emotionally drained, Tohru is trying not to relive in the shadow of his past. He is trying to move on with his new life… but harder he tries, he finds himself being pulled in by Fujishima.”

I wanted to make sure this book had real impact. I wanted to portray a couple who were in love but not happy.” – This is a quote from the author in her afterward, and there is no doubt she has accomplished her goal with Cold Fever. This was a very hard book to read.

Read more…

Swag Bag: Samurai, Incubus, Rabbits and Tyrants

Swag Bag

My bedroom is finally under control! A week of vacation as I transition to a new job plus a very release-heavy month, not to mention a few trips to my local library, have ensured every inch of my desk, floor and shelves were littered with material waiting to be read and watched. Upside to cleaning your room at least is there’s almost always something you’ll discover  you haven’t read yet, or perhaps just want to revisit.  Naturally among the now organized chaos are a bunch of the things I bought this past week:

For my birthday I received a gift card to Chapters. While I avoid buying from there in-store (too expensive!), their online prices are still pretty good, especially for the more niche material and some harder to find titles. Thus, it was just that I filled my digital shopping cart with.

Mister Mistress (Vol. 01)Boys’ love made up the bulk of my online purchase with my most eagerly awaited purchase being the hardcopy edition of Digital Manga‘s Rabbit Man, Tiger Man (Vol. 01). Second to that fun and charming tale of yakuza/doctor love, was Tyrant Who Falls In Love (Vol. 03). Never enough Hinako Takanaga on the bookshelves! Even Yen Press had some boys’ love to offer me with Tale of the Waning Moon (Vol. 02) and I picked up an older title I missed from Deux Press called Mister Mistress (Vol. 01). It’s almost unfortunate I enjoyed it so much since volume two is looking very tricky to find.

Using up the last pennies of my credit, I bought One Pound Gospel (Vol. 04) which is the end of the series. On the other end of series collection, I bought Descendants of Darkness (Vol. 01) which finishes off my collection of that series as well.

Next up it was into my local comic store, Strange Adventures, where I picked up the new releases (which if you’re curious about the complete recent lists for, check out my Otaku USA articles, On The Shelf). Viz Media dominated my purchasing stack, which I suppose by now should stop seeming like an anomaly.

I was really excited to get my hands on Kaze Hikaru (Vol. 19) – it’s one of my favourite series but there’s a long wait between books. It’s a really long series too so I’m always worried Viz Media will drop it. Everyone buy the series so this doesn’t happen! It’s really charming and wonderfully drawn.

Pokemon Adventures (Vol. 14)Also in the pile of awesome swag was 20th Century Boys (Vol. 16), Otomen (Vol. 11), Tenjo Tenge (Vol. 02) and Natsume’s Book of Friends (Vol. 08). A pleasant surprise was the size of Pokemon Adventures (Vol. 14). It’s notably thicker than past volumes and works really well with the content considering it’s the huge climax of all the plot lines coming together since volume one. Pokemon and trainers everywhere!

And lastly, to make my shopping bags all the heavier, a got a few volumes of manga from the library. Looking for something lighthearted and fluff-heavy, I borrowed Fall In Love Like A Comic (Vol. 01). A really fun discovery though was Saint Young Men (Vol. 01-03). I can’t read Japanese but that didn’t stop me from borrowing the books so I can oogle the amusing pictures and hope all the more someone licenses it. Buddha and Jesus living together in an apartment – how could you not be curious?

That was my Swag Bag this week – what about you?

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