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Canadian Comic w/Manga Stores

BC :: AB :: SK :: MN :: ON :: QC :: NB :: NFLD :: PEI :: NS


Treasure Cove Comics & Collectables
805 East Lake Blvd N.E.
Bay 8, Airdrie, AB

Another Dimension
424B 10th St. N.W.
Calgary, AB

Comic Kazi
4307 Macleod Trail S.W.
Calgary, AB

Redd Skull Comics & CDs
720 A Edmonton Trail N.E.
Calgary, AB

Phoenix Comics N.W.
1010 16th Ave. N.W.
Calgary, AB

Phoenix Comics N.W.
2523A 17th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB

Sentry Box
1835 10th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB

Anime Hybercubed
5015 46th St.
Camrose, AB

Metropolis Toys, Games & Gifts Inc.
4039 106th St.
Edmonton, AB

Wizards Comics & Collectibles Inc.
8619 109th St.
Edmonton, AB

Wizards Comics & Collectibles Inc.
6416 28th Ave.
Edmonton, AB

Wizards Comics & Collectibles Inc.
2008C Sherwood Dr.
Sherwood Park, AB

Comic Readers
105-1501 Dunmore Rd. S.E.
Medicine Hat, AB

DJ’s Sportscards, Comics & Collectibles
4921 49th St. #112
Red Deer, AB

British Columbia

Fascination Street
334 S Birch Ave.
100 Mile House, BC

A Moment in Time
33886 Essendene
Abbotsford, BC

Breakaway Comics
#101A – 32660 Dahlstrom Ave.
Abbotsford, BC

Four Aces Comics
2566 Montrose
Abbotsford, BC

Wang Muching & Co.
7569 Royal Oak
Burnaby, BC


Eye Opener Book Store
314 10th St.
Brandon, MBGreat Escape Entertainment
137 10th St.
Brandon, MB

Gamers Lair Outpost
794 Sargent Ave
Winnipeg, MB

Comic Factory IV
306 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB

Little Star Gifts
1555 Regent Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Galaxy Comics
1109 Henderson Hwy.
Winnipeg, MB

Raven Toys, Comics & Games
214 St. Mary’s Rd.
Winnipeg, MB

Ziggy’s Comics
685 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, MB

New Brunswick

Strange Adventures
68 York St.
Fredericton, NB

Collectors Corner
153 Gill St.
Fredericton, NB

1211 Prospect St.
Fredericton, NB

511 Mountain Rd.
Moncton, NB

Some of Gamezilla's manga section“GameZilla is the best place to go for both anime and manga in Moncton. It’s got a large, well organized layout and tons of selection. There’s numerous full, double-sided shelves of manga from many publishers, a lot of which you can’t find on Chapters’ shelves such as books from Dark Horse and Vertical. They have a bunch of hard to find titles, including older out-of-print publications, and many at discounted prices. They had a large selection of anime, from boxsets to single DVDs and other merchandise including T-shirts, toys, keychains and wallscrolls/posters. Of course it also has a large amount of games and gaming-related stuff to keep those looking for it happy. They also a nice seperate room for comic books with lots of titles. The pricing was a little inconsistant, and sometimes overpriced considerably on certain items, but overall it’s a great place for a substantial, organized selection of all things gloriously geeky. I would most definately go back!”

The Comic Hunter
177 Lutz St.
Moncton, NB

The Comic Hunter“The Comic Hunter is located conveniently in downtown Moncton, and some nicely placed signage will make it easy to find. It’s got a great comic book selection of both new and old which makes up the majority of its collection. They have a couple shelves of manga and enjoyably you’ll be able to find some of the lesser available titles here, including many of Osamu Tezuka’s work and Dark Horse’s numerous mature titles, including MPD Psycho. The staff was kind, enthusiastic and helpful. For some great hard-to-finds scattered about their store, I’d certainly recommend people pop in and take a look.”

Mad City Comics
347 Mountain Rd.
Moncton, NB

Mad City Comics
“While they have a very small shelf of manga, this small store is more meant for those looking for mainstream comic book publications. It had a good selection of new titles and a fairly decent selection of earlier individual issues for collectors. The store is run by two employees, one being the owner. Unfortunately the one working the day I visited was an incrediably pushy salesman and not very polite.”

Comics & Stuff
91 Canterbury St.
Saint John, NB

Spin City
Main St.
Moncton, NB

Spin City“Spin City is an incrediably fun little store on the main street of Moncton. While their selection of anime and manga is very limited, there’s no need to the random finds of geekery scattered about the store and all for incrediable prices. New and complete DVD sets, some anime included, are sold for %50 retail value, regardless of what it is. If some chain-store sales intimidate you, you may very well find what you want by waltzing in there. They have an extensive collection of video games and equipment ranging from Atari and the original NES to PS3 and the Wii. The walls are littered with nostalgic posters, figurines, plushes and used DVDs. It’s a great assortment of pop culture to browse through and almost anyone is guaranteed to find something that will surprise and entertain. The only downside is that so much stuff leaves to clutter, which makes navigation and discovery a little hard sometimes. But, take all the good and top it off with a fun staff and it’s a store I’d certainly recommend.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Eastern Expressions
Dalfens Mall
Clarenville, NL

Downtown Comics
141 Duckworth St.
St. Johns, NL

Nova Scotia

Strange Adventures
5262 Sackville St.
Halifax, NS

“Nestled alongside the steep Sackville Street at the base of Halifax’s historic Citadel Hill, is Strange Adventures, the Maritime’s most well known comic book shop. It offers something for everyone: wall-to-wall comic books, shelves of manga, numerous cases of gorgeous figurines many of us only dream of owning, and every other inch and corner covered with all the things cool, fun and geeky in all the best ways.” Read more…

The 2nd Last Gamestore
278 Lacewood Dr.
Halifax, NS

The Last Gamestore
590 Portland St.
Dartmouth, NS

Monster Comic Lounge
2091 Gottingen St.
Halifax, NS

“Originally known as Wilkies Wonderful World of Comics, before it moved to its new and current location, the Monster Comic Lounge has a small and friendly staff who’re good with bringing in custom orders for you in a timely manner. They have a pretty good sized collection of comic books, roleplay board games and related toys. There’s also a decent sized amount of manga, though many of which tend to be older releases versus newer ones. The location is a little out of the way compared to other stores located closer to Halifax’s core locations but it’s still pretty easy to find.”

Odyssey 2000
6407 Quinpool Rd.
Halifax, NS

“Renowned for being run by one of the rudest storeowners on the entire East Coast, Odyssey 2000 has been around since the seventies and they won’t let you forget it. It brings in most new comic book titles and offers a very good array of manga titles, including some that are often only available through orders, such as DMP’s numerous yaoi titles. They also run numerous gaming tournments for card and board based games. A good place to find some surprise titles but not a friendly enviroment. Get in and get out if you must! Update: Odyssey 2000 has officially closed.”

6 Havelock St.
Truro, NS

“One of the smaller stores in the GameZilla franchises, Truro’s GameZilla location is still a good source for anime and manga in the area. They have a decent sized collection of anime boxsets and manga books, though unfortunately the boxsets are expensively priced and all the books are locked behind glass, making impulse purchases very difficult to decide upon. You can generally count of your orders and books coming in a timely manner and there’s certainly no shortage of video games and random assorted action figures (including some hard to find Berserk figurines!). The staff are kind and informed.”

The Batter’s Box
94 Esplanade St.
Truro, NS

The Batter’s Box is a speciality store for child-friendly toys but also includes a nice assortment of video games, DVDs, comic books and manga. The manga shelf always has an interesting assortment of titles including some that aren’t often brought in by shops, such as Go!Comi’s Black Sun Silver Moon. All books are in plastic bags which the staff may or may not let you take out to flip through. The store is staffed by two individuals, both of whom are generally very helpful and polite. They also bring in custom orders for their customers.”


Blue Beetle Comics
46 A Maple Ave.
Barrie, ON

Comic World
Bramalea City Center Shopping Mall
Bramalea, ON

Comic Book Connection
44 Rue Centre N.
Brampton, ON

The Comic Warehouse
20 Strathearn Ave.
Brampton, ON

Alternate Icons
257 Marlborough St.
Brantford, ON

Brant Cards & Comics
117.5 King George Rd.
Brantford, ON

The Comic Cave
25 Perth St.
Brockville, ON

Conspiracy Comics South
494 Brant St.
Burlington, ON

Conspiracy Comics North
2156 Mountain Grove Ave.
Burlington, ON

Retro Rocket Comics
124 Bishop St. N. #14
Cambridge, ON

The Dragon
3 Wyndham St. N.
Guelph, ON

Big B Comics
1045 Upper James St.
Hamilton, ON

Vision Comics T & S
471 9th Ave.
Hanover, ON

Action-Packed Comics
728 Princess St.
Kingston, ON

Lookin’ for Heroes
93 Ontario St. S.
Kitchener, ON

B.A.’s Comics
239 Wellington St.
London, ON

Neo Tokyo, The Anime Store
610 Dundas St.
London, ON

Worlds Away
666 Dundas St.
London, ON

Heroes World Comic Shop of the New Millennium
34568 Hwy. 7 Unit #5
Markham, ON

Image Collections
181A Queen St. S.
Mississauga, ON

Planet Hobby
Square One Shopping Center
Mississauga, ON

The Comic Book Shoppe
1400 Clyde Ave.
Nepean, ON

Axis Comix
16610 Bayview Ave. #5
Newmarket, ON

Comic Connection
146 Kerr St.
Oakville, ON

The Comic Book Shoppe
228 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON

Crafts N Things Hobbies and Games
21 James Bay Jct. Rd.
Parry Sound, ON

Planet X
815 Major Mackenzie Drive E.
Richmond Hill, ON

Future Pastimes
163 Lochiel St.
Sarnia, ON

The Multiverse
27 Winona Dr. #1
Stouffville, ON

Comics North
106 Elm St.
Sudbury, ON

Hill City Comics
119 N. Cumberland St.
Thunder Bay, ON

The Beguiling
601 Markham Street
Toronto, Ontario

“A treasure-trove of hidden gems, The Beguiling is nestled on a side street behind the massive Honest Ed’s store and is the place to really show off a bargain. The staff were very attentive and helpful and their manager more than happy to barter on prices for large purchases. The selection of manga (located on the top floor) is large but more impressively stuffed full of hard to find titles including many out of print books and those imported from Japan. This includes doujinshi, artbooks and Japanese tankubon. You could easily spend a good hour going through it all, ever-fearful you’ll miss something especially neat hidden amidst the rest. They also have a hefty supply of newly released items on display and all books are sold at US cover price (as of May 6th 2011) or less. Highly recommended for manga buyers.”

The Silver Snail
367 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON

“The Silver Snail is probably the most well-known comic store in Toronto, earned in no small part by its large collection and brightly coloured storefront. The interior of the store is very neatly laid out, with vast walls covered in comics and merchandise spanning two floors. The majority of its selection errs on the side of more mainstream publications so while you may not find a lot of indie or exceptionally old or imported stuff here, you should be able to find anything that’s been published in recent years within North America without fault. The manga selection is large with nearly every genre and publisher represented. All manga are sold at US cover price (as of May 6th 2011) and the staff were helpful when asked for assistance.”

Cyber City Comics
1025A Steeles Ave. W.
Toronto, ON

1,000,000 Comix
531 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON

“Though 1,000,000 Comix has long been one of the biggest sellers of manga at Toronto events such as Anime North and Fan Expo, their current store tells a different story altogether. Though a small collection of anime DVDs remain, there is no longer a single volume of manga to speak of. The store carries predominantly mainstream comics (from Marvel and DC) including new installments and back issues. The store is currently listed as for sale, which may be part of the reason for its decline in certain aspects. As a physical store (thus excluding at-con appearances for now), this isn’t a recommended stop for manga.”

Anime Extreme
315 Spadina Ave. Unit H
Toronto, ON

“Located in the heart of Toronto’s Chinatown, Anime Extreme is an anime fans’ dream come true in many ways. A huge manga selection including many hard to find titles, vast collections of posters and plushies, Japanese anime soundtracks, cosplay items, figurines and every nick-nack you can imagine plaster this modestly sized basement store. Their books are sold at US price (as of May 6th 2011) and the cost of their other merchandise varies. Unfortunately the charm of its selection is marred by staff who were very unwilling to answer questions (“Just look for a sign.”) and even upped prices on an item at the register that wasn’t indicated on the product. Negative experiences on multiple occasions mar the store with an expectation for disappointing customer service which is too bad for a store that otherwise has tons to offer.”

Hairy Tarantula Comics & Cards
354 Yonge St. – 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON

“Hairy Tarantula is a tricky store to find, a single door nestled between stops and leading to a steep, narrow (and rather rundown) staircase. Make it this far though and you’re rewarded with a vast collection of manga spanning across several openly connected rooms. There’s tons of boys’ love books and series from all publishers and genres, with even more in their back room if you request it. The staff were enthusiastic and helpful, asking if any assistance was needed in a way that was more kind and well-intended than pushy (very nice!). They don’t really haggle prices which is a bit disappointing in a store with such a huge collection but with books sold at US cover price (as of May 6th 2011) and an assortment of decently-priced discount anime DVDs, you can still get a great bargain. Hairy Tarantula is highly recommended for manga buyers though effort is required to get past the musty basement-like atmosphere that falls sadly to the sketchy side despite all treasures and kind staff within.”

Labyrinth Books
386 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

“A rather stout little store, Labyrinth books wastes no space with a fair assortment of manga titles including lots of older titles long since out of print and boys’ love books. All books are sold at US cover price (as of May 6th 2011) and there’s some great bargains on marked-down books. Most notable about this store however is its large collection of artbooks – anime books, manga artist compilations, video game promo art, there’re thousands and thousands of pages worth of oggle-worthy artwork on their long wall of artbooks.  While these art-gems can be pretty pricey, Labyrinth Book’s prices are still on-par with what you’d find most imports to be at other sources and it’s frustratingly fun time trying to pick and choose which book(s) you’ll walk out with that day. Recommended for manga fans and art-lovers.”

Carry-On Comics
32 King St. N.
Waterloo, ON

Prince Edward Island

The Comic Hunter
181 Queen St.
Charlottetown, PEI

Lightning Bolt Comics
99 Grafton St.
Charlottetown, PEI


Village des Héros
131 Saint-Joseph Blvd. #C
Chateauguay, QC

Place du Royaume, 1401, Boul.
Talbot, Chicoutimi, QC

Le Centre du Comic et de la Carte Sportive
865 Maloney
Gatineau, QC

2365, rue Saint-Dominique
Jonquière, QC

La Boite à B.D.
3161B Dagenais W.
Laval, QC

1467 St-Martin W.
Laval, QC

Heroes Comics Laval
1116 Cure Labelle
Laval, QC

Comics Rive-Sud
1354 Chemin Chambly
Longueuil, QC

Astro Books
1844 Sainte-Catherine St. W.
Montreal, QC

931 Decarie Blvd.
Montreal, QC

1,000,000 Comix
1418 Pierce
Montreal, QC

Chapitre Un Librairie
4109 Sainte-Catherine Est.
Montreal, QC

Le Dragon Virtuel
4816-B Avenue du Parc
Montreal, QC

Sci-Fi Anime
4202 Decarie
Montreal, QC

Infinity Comix
289 Saint-Jean
Pointe Claire, QC

Le Chevalier
123 Valmont
Repentigny, QC

Anneaux du Temps
2487 ave. Ste-Anne, #101
Saint Hyacinthe, QC

Le Griffon Jeux et Fantaisies, Inc.
19 Wellington Nord
Sherbrooke, QC

La Place Du Hobby
1188 des Seigneurs
Terrebonne, QC

2740 Boul Laurier, 3rd Floor
Sainte Foy, QC


Kayz Kraftz & Hobbeze / Happy Harbor
4701 50 Ave.
Lloydminster, SK

2000 12th Ave.
Regina, SK

2104B Grant Rd.
Regina, SK

8th St. Books & Comics
1010 8th St. E.
Saskatoon, SK

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