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Super Savings: Amazon Offers Half-Off Bakuman and One Piece Sets

Amazon Offers Half-Off Bakuman and One Piece Sets for Cyber Monday

The whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday concept is a bit foreign to many of us Canadians, but we know good deals when we see them whatever the day. When these two sales popped up in my e-mail box, how could I not share?

Bakuman: Complete Series – $80.00/CAN, $79.99/US (50% off)
Amazon CAN | Amazon USA

– includes the complete Bakuman series (volumes 1-20), artwork-decorated carrying box with handle, double-sided colour poster and special one-shot edition of Otterman (a series that exists within Bakuman)

One Piece Box Set: East Blue and Baroque Works – $93.00/CAN, $92.99/US (50% off)
Amazon CAN | Amazon USA

 – includes volumes 1-23 of One Piece,  artwork-decorated carrying box with handle, double-sided colour poster and One Piece: Romance Dawn mini-comic

These are great deals for that many books, not to mention the snazzy boxes and extra goodies. I still look at my Fullmetal Alchemist box set with a happy grin.

The Bakuman set is an especially good deal for being the entire series, making it an extra satisfying buy. I already own all the books but I almost regret it for loss of that box and chance at the Otterman one-shot. I hope many others enjoy them in my stead! It’s a series I would highly recommend to manga fans, regardless of some of its’ issues.

This sale won’t last long, so nab ’em while you can. They’ll make a great holiday gift for a friend, family member or yourself!

Super Savings: Viz Media Bids Farewell to Summer With Digital Deals

Super Savings: Viz Media Bids Farewell to Summer With Digital Deals

Viz Media is offering a silver lining to the dwindling days of summer with a sale on their digital manga. Until September 5, 2013, all their titles available on and its apps, plus the NOOK tablets, are 20% off. This means that their standard pricing of $4.99/US per book drops to $3.99/US. For an entire volume of manga? That’s pretty darn good!

While I’m always an advocate for buying the hardcopy books, the sad part of print reality is that some are just not possible to find anymore. However, Viz Media has been pushing out digital editions of a lot of older series, alongside simultaneous releases of their new ones. This is great for finally being able to read a lot of out of print titles.

Some of my recommendations from the out-of-print category include Red River, Please Save My Earth, The Cain Saga, and – one of my absolute favourites – Kaze Hikaru. Viz Media currently boasts a “library of over 1,500 volumes across 130+ series”. Get ’em while they’re cheap(er)!

Super Savings: Manga for May at’s Victoria Day Sale

Super Savings: Manga for May at's Victoria Day Sale

Happy long weekend! It’s Victoria Day in Canada which means an additional day off for some, and thanks to Amazon, some sales for all! has put a whole bunch of stuff up for sale this weekend including a fair stack of manga volumes with savings up to 90% off!

There are over a hundred books listed, but here are some random highlights:

Gossip Girl: The Manga (Vol.01) $1.28
You’re So Cool (Vol.04) $3.50
Pita Ten (Vol.02) $3.58
The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya $4.00
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Raising Project (Vol.10) $4.40
Gate 7 (Vol.02) $4.80
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Vol.24) $5.60
Trigun Maximum (Vol.11) $5.00
Bring It On! (Vol.03) $1.88
Blood+ (Vol.01) $5.60
Good-Bye $6.78
With the Light (Vol.02) $6.90
Hayate x Blade (Vol.01) $7.40
Young Miss Holmes (Vol.01-02) $7.60
Fallen Words $7.98

And remember, on you get shipping for free on any order totaling over $25. With a sale like this, that could mean a hefty box arriving on some readers’ doorsteps next week. Enjoy!

Super Savings: Totally Huge Savings at Totally Manga!

Super Savings: Totally Huge Savings at Totally Manga

Some sad news and good news makes up this Super Savings’ post today. I was recently contacted by the owner of Totally Manga, a store dedicated entirely to selling manga. How I wish I could’ve seen that! Unfortunately they’ve needed to close up shop and that means getting rid of the last of their stock. Sad news indeed :(

The good news in this, however, is it that it means huge savings for online buyers. Much to my personal sadness, this sale is for US-buyers only (Edit: shipping options have been updated for Canadian and International buyers) but the deals are too great for me not to share with all Kuriousity’s American readers. This is especially true if you’re a BL fan – Totally Manga a fair variety of titles but predomiantly boys’ love, and notably from the English BL giant Digital Manga, including light novels and out of print titles. Many, many to choose from!

The best part? Every single volume is only $5.00/US! Free shipping is also offered on orders over $100. Quantities are limited, of course, so if you’re curious pop over there now and take a look. Buy lots of amazing, shiny books in my place because I can’t okay? Enjoy!

Added note: Doesn’t the website have the best colour scheme ever? Sort of reminds me of something… hmm…

Super Savings: Grave-Digging for Halloween at RightStuf

Super Savings: Grave-Digging for Halloween at RightStuf

With Tokyopop wandering around the internet in zombie-form as of late, why not take a positive inspiration from their coincidentally Halloween-themed stunt? RightStuf’s Bargain Bin is full of old Tokyopop titles looking for homes. Time for some grave-digging!

In the holiday spirit, here are some Halloween-flavoured titles from the list for your enjoyment. I own each of these titles and love every one. Whether you want a mature, eerie story like The Embalmer or a liberally translated, hilariously entertaining ghost-seeing BL-laden story like Eerie Queerie!, or one of the many other in betweens, you’ll find each of these titles has its own uniqueness that makes it just right for October 31st reading:

Daemonium (Vol. 01)$3.99
Eerie Queerie! (Vol. 01)$4.99
Eerie Queerie! (Vol. 02)$4.99
The Embalmer (Vol. 01)$4.99
The Embalmer (Vol. 03)$4.99
The Embalmer (Vol. 04)$4.99
I Luv Halloween (Vol. 01)$3.99
I Luv Halloween (Vol. 03)$3.99
Mad Love Chase (Vol. 01)$5.49
Mad Love Chase (Vol. 02)$5.49
Tokyo Babylon (Vol. 01)$3.99
Tokyo Babylon (Vol. 02)$3.99
Zone-00 (Vol. 01) $4.99

For some really good Halloween reads, I recommend checking back on Shannon Fay’s 13 Days of Halloween posts from last year too. It has a great mix of scary and fun titles to cover just about anything and everything you like about the day.

Super Savings: Fumi Yoshinaga Edition

Super Savings: Fumi Yoshinaga

August’s Manga Moveable Feast – an assortment of articles from a variety of bloggers about a single manga topic – is about Fumi Yoshinaga, manga artist extraordinaire. There’re already lots of great posts for the MMF about her books, her art style and her storytelling methods so I highly recommend following the updates.

For my contribution, I’ve compiled sources where you can buy Fumi Yoshinaga’s books online. We’re lucky to have so many to choose from and collect  – just compiling this list was a great reminder. While there’re a variety of places online and in-store to purchase her books, I’ve tried to find the cheapest options to make it that much easier to start, add to or finish your Yoshinaga library.

Read more…

Super Savings: RightStuf with Hot Deals on Hot Manga (18+)

Hot Deals on Hot Manga

RightStuf is back with more manga savings and this week it’s specifically for the adult readers out there! Until midnight tonight (August 18th), they’re offering sale prices on all books from Digital Manga’s 801Media imprint.

While their 801Media line-up is all the raunchier of their boys’ love, the RightStuf sale also includes titles from their recently announced hentai imprint – Project H. This is the perfect (and affordable) chance to try out the first of their titles which are due out later this month: Shocking Pink & Three P.

My top reccomendatin for this sale is Under Grand Hotel – it’s a two volume series and each book has over 300 pages. They’re a really interesting size book too, considerably smaller than the norm, but they’re still easy to read. They earn their 18+ rating and then some with violence, sex and rape so warning!

Coinciding neatly with this month’s Manga Moveable Feast about Fumi Yoshinaga, you can also buy her two-volume boys’ love series, Ichigenme: The First Class is Civil Law.

You can see the full list of titles available for sale on their website.

Super Savings: Manga Galore at BMV Books

Super Savings: BMV Books

Conveniently located on Toronto’s busy (and bound to keep you even busier) Bloor St W, my roommate and I entered what we thought was just your run of the mill used book store. Never know what you can find, right? Well what we found was BMV Books – a three-floor discount bookstore with an entire floor dedicated to comic books, manga and fantasy novels.

The manga sold here is mostly overstock material, meaning it’s likely product sold to them that couldn’t be sold by either the publisher or other companies. They also sell some used material brought in to them by customers. Their selection is vast – from titles over a decade old to titles much more recent, you’ll find a little of everything and all at about 50% off the CDN cover price or less. Typically the books ranged from $3.00-$6.00, depending on the company and format.

We found books as new as the third volume of Vertical’s 7 Billion Needles and Yen Press’s Maximum Ride, to editions as old as Mixx’s Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth volumes (in surprisingly good condition too). There was something of every genre released in English, including boys’ love and yuri. First edition volumes of Fushigi Yuugi were especially nostalgic to me (my first manga GN purchases!) while I loved the opportunity to fill in my collection with some long-since out of print OEL titles from Tokyopop, NetComics titles (which I have trouble finding anywhere but conventions) and a couple ADV Manga books. All for cheap!

If you’re a manga fan who lives in or around, or is simply visiting, Toronto, then along with their assortment of comic stores, I highly recommend putting Bloor St W’s BMV Books on your list of must-shop stops.

Swag Bag: RightStuf Offers Mega Deals on UDON Books

RightStuf - UDON Entertainment

RightStuf’s company-specific sale this week is for books from Canadian company UDON Entertainment. Though probably best known to most for their vast assortment of Street Fighter comics, the company has lots of hidden surprises well worth every penny spent on them. RightStuf’s sale offers minimum savings of 30% on the books.

UDON has a few different manga series for kids under their belts but admittedly I’ve yet to check them out. I have read their manhwa though and enjoyed each one for its own particular quirks. My favourite beyond a doubt is Chronicles of the Grim Peddler. So far they’ve only got one volume released but it’s a really atmospheric book about a man titled the Grim Peddler who anchors several alternate tellings of fairy tales.

Getting only one volume seems to be the manhwa curse from UDON though with the same being said for their horror series, Reading Club. While I’m still boggled by some super-tiny, near unreadable lettering the story itself still did a pretty good job setting up some book-related suspense. And how can a horror fan resist that cover?

Chronicles of the Grim Peddler (Vol. 01)Speaking of hard to resist visuals, UDON also picked up the publishing rights to Range Murata’s multi-artist compilation series Robot. Unfortunately they were only able to put out volumes four and five but they’re still no less worth owning. The same can be said for Apple, a similar full-colour comic anthology collection from Korea that sports breathtaking artwork. They’re released four volumes so far but you’ll be hooked after one!

Anyone who’s ever picked up or purchased an UDON book simply to stare at the super shiny artwork shouldn’t hesitate a moment to pick up the first volume of their Vent anthology. It’s another large  trim cut, full colour and high gloss artbook chock full of artwork and tutorials from their talented team of regular contributors. The book is in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary. Lastly (and speaking of tributes), if you’re even marginally a fan of Darkstalkers and Street Fighter, ensure your bookshelves are that much snazzier with their fan tribute books upon them.

You can see RightStuf’s full list of UDON books on sale over on their site.

Super Savings: Loonie Manga Deals at

Loonie Manga Deals at

Amazon always has some of the best pricing for purchasing books online and occasionally even manga gets the extra special discount treatment, such as’s Loonie Deals. I was spelunking through the discounted section today and found some manga titles sitting there at some ‘get ’em while you can’ prices:

Steal Moon (Vol. 02) (BL)
$11.36 (CAN) – 31% OFF

Devil Within (Vol. 02)
$9.03 – 40% OFF

Lover’s Pledge (BL)
$9.35 (CAN) – 43% OFF

Love Master A (Vol. 01)
$7.45 (CAN) – 50% OFF

Venus Versus Virus Omnibus (Vol. 01)
$7.04 (CAN) – 59% OFF

A-I Revolution (Vol. 04)
$3.85 (CAN) – 74% OFF

Inukami Omnibus (Vol. 01)
$11.72 (CAN) – 37% OFF

IDOL Pleasures
$9.77 (CAN) – 41% OFF

A-I Revolution (Vol. 01)
$8.17 (CAN) – 45% OFF

King of the Lamp (Vol. 01)
$6.57 (CAN) – 56% OFF

Your Honest Deceit (Vol. 02) (BL)
$5.13 (CAN) – 68% OFF

What’s most interesting and worth a look about these titles is the majority are out of print series. Several of from the now-defunct Go!Comi, and there’s a boys’ love title from DramaQueen. Newer titles are the two omnibus collections from Seven Seas and offer a great value for some huge books with hefty page counts!

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