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Review: Pokemon Adventures (Vol. 01)

Reviewer: Lissa Pattillo

Author: Hidenori Kusaka
Manga-ka: Mato
Publisher: Viz Kids
Rating: All Ages
Release Date: June 2009

Synopsis: “Red doesn’t just want to train Pokemon, he wants to be their friend too. Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl seem game. But independent Pikachu won’t be so easy to win over! And watch out for Team Rocket, Red… They only want to be your enemy!”

Red has always loved Pokemon, creatures with remarkable powers who come in nearly every shape and size. After an accident turns out beneficial for him, Red sets out on the adventure he’s always dreamed of: to see and capture every Pokemon in the world! With his Pokemon-friends and partners at his side, and a sparky new addition to their team who is notably far less apt to cooperate, the group leaves their home of Pallet Town to traverse the big wide world and live all there is to experience about the multitude of Pokemon out there.

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Manga Quickies – January 29 ’09

Manga Quickies

Since I read more manga than I write full reviews for (aka, jobs and school have been doing a good job sucking all my writing time up), I figured it’d was time to adopt some good ideas and do the occasional mini-thoughts on what I’m reading now. Also, if anyone can suggest a name for said posts, feel free to share your ideas. The simple brilliance of Manga Minis is already in use by a talented crew and I’m not sure how attached to the name Manga Quickies I am yet ;)

Monster (Vol. 11)Monster (Vol. 11) – Viz – I finally continued reading this series recently, years after I initially read the first volume and loved it. Somehow it just always escaped my radar. But a couple more volumes and I’m hooked, always looking for the next fix. Now up to volume 11, I was blown away by a plot twist that I didn’t see coming, even if it is a little obvious in hindsight. Just when you think things are coasting in one direction, they veer sharply into another. Naoki Urusawa’s ability to weave every character, large or small, into the plot also remains nothing short of incredible. (Available now on

* * * * * *

The Best of Pokemon Adventures: RedThe Best of Pokemon Adventures: RedVizKids – I couldn’t help but pick this one up because I’m currently in a big nostalgic-Pokemon kick (where’s my Gameboy?!) and I loved this adorable version of the manga when it was initially released in large format stiff-covers by Viz years ago. The art style is still ridiculously cute and I love how it contrasts to some plotlines and events that still manage to be a little darker than what the television show offered (Pokemon die and trainers get attacked, oh no!). My only complaint about the book is that it’s a ‘best of’ compilation, which means that readers, both new and old, will easily get tripped up when reading these chronological stories and random episodes are missing. I don’t see why they didn’t just release the whole series into two books instead of a one-shot best of book, there’s not much else to it than what’s here and I’d love to have it all in such a tidy little format. (Available now on

* * * * * *

The Best of Pokemon Adventures: YellowThe Best of Pokemon Adventures: Yellow VizKids – I couldn’t buy a book about Pokemon trainer, Red, and not the best-of book of Yellow! I’ve got a soft spot for this cute little trainer. Yellow is a young, unabashedly cute Pokemon trainer with the ability to heal Pokemon and read their memories. After Red goes missing, Yellow is charged with the mission of bringing him home safely along with the help of Red’s Pikachu and Yellow’s own assortment of dedicated Pokemon. The Elite Four is the real threat in this storyline as their leader Lance plots his world domination-of-sorts and all the old players return to take the four down. I had the same issue with this book as with Red’s, where it’s a little confusing reading a best-of for a short series since it feels like I’m reading a compilation with missing chapters over a carefully selected assortment. And despite being “best of”, they leave out the explanatory chapter with the big Yellow plot twist. Such a shame, I was sure that would at least qualify as a best-of. (Available now on

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