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Review: Bust A Move Bash!

Company: Majesco
System: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: April 2007
Rating: E (Everyone)
Players: 1-8

Description: Launch colourful bubbles to make a match in more than 500 puzzles bursting with challenging fun! The ultimate 8 player bubble bursting bash!

Attempting to capitalize on the popularity of the Bust-A-Move franchise and integrate more of the Wii’s motion-sensitive capabilities into their sparse lineup, Majesco and Nintendo teamed up to give us this, Bust-A-Move Bash!

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Heavenly Sword Part 2

The next seqment in a series of animated shorts for the upcoming PS3 game, Heavenly Sword, is now up for viewing. The stylized, anime-inspired, clips act as prequels to the much anticipated game.

Watch it here.

Heavenly Sword the Anime?

In a continued slew of media releases leading up to the highly awaited PS3 game, Heavenly Sword, the first of a series of anime-styled videos has been unveiled to the public. It acts as a prelude to the game, explaining the history behind the Heavenly Sword and its coming into the hands of mortals.

The video can be watched in high-definition here.

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