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Review: Kat & Mouse (Vol. 02)

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Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Federica Manfredi
Publisher: Tokyopop
Rating: All Ages
Released: January 2007

Synopsis: “Since her arrival at Dover Academy, the one person Kat has been able to depend on is her best friend Mee-Seen, better known as Mouse. But when Mouse gets a crush on the new art teacher, a misunderstanding comes between the two friends – and a class trip to the art museum only makes it worse! When a famous painting is stolen right under their noses, will Kat and Mouse be able to smooth things out in time to catch the thief?”

School life continues and Kat seems to be fitting in better and better as time goes on but she still can’t get her mind off the ‘Artful Dodger’. With a string of thefts occuring at the school, it’s no wonder people are thinking the thief is back to their old tricks. But there’s other issues needing to be dealt with, such as Mouse’s crush on the new art teacher and thus the insuing drama between best friends.

The story continues on as it did in the first, a light teen drama with a dose of mystery that’ll appeal to the younger generation of graphic novel readers. The story can be best summed up as Nancy Drew meets the new Degrassi High. Volume two takes everything a little further though and adds some more meat to the bare bones laid down by volume one. With some deeper social issues explored through secondary characters and some jealously driven misunderstandings between friends, painful but ringing in undenyable truth, Kat & Mouse volume two comes together as a much more substantial read, even if it remains at a quick 95 pages.

Not much has changed with the art and it remains simple, pleasant and very solid. With more attention on other characters, the artist has more opportunities to explore their different designs and it’s nice seeing so many different faces appearing on the pages.

Readers who enjoyed volume one will definately enjoy volume two. Kat & Mouse probably doesn’t have enough to entertain more mature readers but for newcomers to the world of graphic novels or more seasoned readers looking to give their young ones something to entertain them, Kat & Mouse is a great way to go. It also comes with some neat history on famous women who are heroes of the main characters and a little bit of science, to add some education to the mix. With an evolving plot that touches on interesting issues that teens can relate to and a continuing mystery, it’s works great for what it aims to be.

Written Feburary 6, 2008 by Lissa Pattillo
Book purchased in-store from Chapters

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