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Cancelled or Postponed? Tokyopop’s Chopping Block


Icarus Publishing’s blog has posted a list of titles (via MangaBlog) currently cancelled, or postponed, from Tokyopop’s July selection of releases. While many of the titles seemed to me as ones few will be too upset over, the two BLU titles did surprise me: Love Mode (Vol. 11, final) and Gakuen Heaven: Nakajima especially with them being some of BLU’s best-selling titles in the past.

I asked about it on the BLU forums and recieved this response from BLU’s forum rep and editor:

“Right now, these are postponed. Please support Love Mode 10 when it comes out in August. If it sells as well as volume 9 or better, it will be very difficult for us to not do volume 11.

It’s getting harder to do hardcore books because stores are often not ordering them. If you’ve had trouble buying our books in stores lately, please order them off Amazon. And I know you guys are already doing this, so thank you! Junjo 6 is currently the best-selling manga(all manga) on Amazon right now. Also, if you buy off of Amazon, the price is only $10.39!(not sure of the shipping rates though…)”

So looks like for now it’s a postponement over a flatout cancellation but as of now there’s no word on if the same applies to the other non-yaoi titles listed.

On the note of something else said in the forum reply, I noticed Junjo (Vol. 06) was currently number one the other day, beating out both Fruits Basket and Naruto, when I checked in on Amazon’s newly updated Manga shopping section. Interesting to see a yaoi, especially one of BLU’s, make the list. The recent anime adaptation of Junjo Romantica seems to have done quite a bit for it’s popularity as of late, based on reactions of various online communities I pop in on.

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