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Making the Cut

In the last few days, artists have been coming forward to let their fans know whose global manga series are hit by the Tokyopop chopping block. While some, such as Rivkah’s Steady Beat will be printed on web only, other’s such as Bettina’s My Cat Loki will not see publication by TP at all. Despite that, it doesn’t seem Tokyopop is cutting all ties with its artists whose series are dropped however:

…so sad to say…as of now, there will be no My Cat Loki 3…~,~ With all the cuts TP had made recently, MCL just didn’t do well enough to make it. *sigh*

While I’m sad to see it end without an actual ending, I’m a little relieved, as it frees my time up for bigger and better story ideas I’d like to pitch to other companies. But for now, TP has plenty of licensed property work for me, enough to keep me busy for the next 1 1/2-2 years…

Over at her DeviantArt gallery, Christy Lijewski is happy to announce that her series RE:Play is still scheduled to print as she continues work on volume three. She also sends her support to fellow artists who’ve been cancelled and urges fans to do the same.

Contrary to what all the manga and anime news sites are reporting not EVERY OEL from TokyoPop is canceled/direct to web.
I’m happy to say that RE: Play made the cut and that the 3rd volume will be coming out in print, on schedule, as planned!

So please don’t think I’m out of the game ha ha ha, I’m still around and the series will be going on as planned :3

However the fact still remains that most of my friends series have been canceled and/or delegated to the web, so please if you know any OEL artists that have been sacked, don’t be rude about it. Even if you don’t like OEL know that the people behind these series, we all work REALLY hard to do our best to get books out that we really have love for. So please, if you know a TokyoPop OEL artist now would be a great time to give them your support, because dammit, if times aren’t tough!

Seems safe to say we’ll be hearing similiar messages from other authors and artists in the coming while, not to mention the wails of those who still anxiously wait to see which manga series in general don’t survive Tokyopop’s slimming down.

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