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All Your Anime Belong to Funi


Funimation has done it again! After yesterday picking up a portion of Geneon’s titles, this morning it’s been revealed that they’ve nabbed lots of ADV titles as well. Watch out as Funimation becomes an anime releasing powerhouse, bringing quality and affordable anime to DVD shelves everywhere!  Shocking, right? …Not really, but also not entirely expected (and here people were talking about Funimation having big problems like ADV). Ah well, all looks up so far and much better than licensing limbo!

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3 Responses

  1. To be honest, i've been expecting Funi to pull something like this for a while. They've been sniffing around Geneon's titles for months, and there's been hints they were after other series aswell.

    As for ADV, to be honest, i think it's just a matter of time before they collapse all together. They've lost their manga (and i dont care if they sill claim it's alive!!), the lost their magazine, they lost anime, and now they've split with their main backer. Unless something miraculous happens within the next 6months or so, i reckon by this time next year, at the latest, we'll be ADVless. And, i'm not sure if that would be a bad thing!!

    On the other hand, Funi got UFO Princess!!!

  2. Lissa says:

    It does seem like it would easier for ADV to just finally fade into non-existance, if only to stop them from going through such a rollar-coaster of problems. On the other hand, I have liked a lot of their work so it'd be nice if they could make a stable comeback from all this slimming down.

    I just hope Funi deals well with all these new titles. It's such a massive new addition to their catalog. I'm also still waiting for word on older licenses of theirs they've yet to do anything with, such as Ghost Hunt (one of my favourites), so I hope all these new titles doesn't put older ones on the back burner.

  3. […] plus all the numerous great titles already on the horizon, plus the numerous anime acquistions (we love you Funimation), get those wallets and shelves happily […]

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