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San Diego Comic Con License Round-Up


While not nearly as epic as Anime Expo‘s licensing list, San Diego Comic Con still had a few new manga offerings for waiting fans. Under the cut is a list of announced licenses, courtesy of Gia and ANN!


Mase Motoro

20th Century Boys
Naoki Urasawa

BakéGyamon: Backward Game
Mitsuhisa Tamura

Dinosaur Hour
Hitoshi Shoya

Shirow Mina

Happy Happy Clover
Sayuri Tatsuyama

Leave It To Pet!
Kenji Sonishi

Naoki Urasawa

Tegami-bachi (Letter Bee)
Hiroyuki Asada

Waq Waq
Ryu Fujisaki

Dark Horse

Mink & Yoshitaka Amano

World Embryo
Daisuke Moriyama

Del Rey

Negima!? Neo
Takuya Fujima

Orange Planet
Haruka Fukushima

Yokai Doctor

Soryuden (light novels)
Yoshiki Tanaka & CLAMP (illustrations)

Yen Press

Cirque du Freak
Darren Shan & Takahiro Arai

GA Geijutsu Art Design Class
Satoko Kiyuduki


Kieli (light novel)
Yukako Kabei

Akira Ishida

Yanshu Yu

Bandai Entertainment

Lucky Star
Kagami Yoshimizu


Ghengis Khan
Nakaba Higurashi

March on Earth
Mikase Hayashi

My favourite of the licenses is no doubt Dogs by Shirow Mina, one of my favourites for it’s awesome artistic style. I never really thought of being a title that’d be picked up here but I’m certainly happy it was! The Kieli novel license was also a pleasant surprise as I really enjoyed the first volume of the manga and was interested in the books the manga was originally based off.

Other Comic Con notables was a DelRey official annoucement for Shaenon Garrity’s upcoming CLAMP in America book which will include information, history, interviews and illustrations based on CLAMP’s success and influence over here in North America. Another book to look forward to!

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