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Hey, Answerfans! on Kuriousity – Nov. 13

Flying is fun! Falling… not so much?

Those who follow updates over at AnimeNewsNetwork most likely know about their weekly column, Hey Answerman!. It’s a column I always enjoy reading every week, from the informed responses to the somewhat downright ridiculous nature of the questions. A more recent addition is the Hey, Answerfans!, where roles are reversed and a question is posed to the fans, with some of their answers posted the following week.

Where am I going with this? Well, I always like answering the Hey, Answerfans! questions but I’m not a big fan of ANN’s forums nor have much interest in sending in my e-mail to the site but can’t deny that reading people’s responses are fun. So, I’m going to post my answer here on my own humble little blog. Just for a little fun :)

Hey, Answerfans! Week of November 13, 2008

“If you could live in the world of any anime or manga series, which would it be, and why?”

The answer for me was simple, in Akira Toriyama’s world of Dragonball! How cool would it be to live in a world with the conveniences that Capsule Corp provides or the epic martial arts tournaments on television between aliens, animals and super-powered humans?

There’s also the fact that it’s a world where training one’s body and mind can allow nearly unlimited power. The ability to have super strength, concentrate energies for powerful attacks, healing abilities and, above all else for my interests, the chance to soar through the air on nothing but your own power! (Were you wondering how my title image was relevant?) They’re abilities you gain from your own sweat, blood and determination and I think that kind of potential would be awesome!

Oooo… pretty.Also, living in a world with people of every race, species and all that inbetween living together, not to mention the addition of random aliens, definately would keep things interesting. Dinosaurs wandering the planet, still? Also neat. Okay, so admittedly the constant threat of total global annilihation is pretty scary though but it seems to work out generally alright in the end! You know, if you’re not in one of those apocalyptic futures…

And Capsule Corp! The ability to carry a house in my pocket? Yes, please. That’s probably a little on the pricey side for your general consumer but I’d be pretty happy to have a bike I can store in my pocket when not using it. Bulma’s use of her father’s company was always enough to get some envy from me.

Lastly, dragonballs. Gotta find those dragonballs. Atleast one, so I can convince myself I was special :)

Okay, and yeah, meeting some DB characters would be cool. That’s my inner fangirl talking. Fortunately for me, my characters of choice would probably tolerate my existance! ’cause Kuririn rocks like that.

So it’s the Dragonball world for me, for sure! I’m interested to see what other peoples ‘responses will be.


Circa 1999!

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