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Mini Review: Black God (Vol. 05)

Black God (Vol. 05) – Dall-Young Lim/Sung-Woo Park
Published by Yen Press

This fifth volume of Black God leaps off from where the fourth volume left fans hanging as Keita comes face to face with a woman identical to his deceased Mother. In a world where humans have doppelgangers, it’s pretty easy to deduce who, or what, she likely is, but for Keita, even that ‘logic’ is a hard answer to swallow.

So he takes her out on a date. Or she takes him out on a date. Either way, the two spend the day together, sharing ice cream, frolicking on the beach and having a way-to-close kiss. Come on, Keita, we know you’re emotionally confused but don’t ever let the word Mom stop ringing in your ear!

Without really giving us much more information than we already knew, the Mom-look-alike is revealed to be the woman in the picture that lead Keita and co back here to his hometown in the first place. Good news means it wasn’t his Mother, bad news means… now what? The two in the picture proceed to let Keita in on their own personal mission and even invite him to join up with them. Unexpectedly to my surprise, the often-bubbly headed boxer, Kuro, has had some secrets she’s been keeping from everyone too.

While the artwork, fight scenes in particular, in Black God is still fantastic, I’m finding it hard to care about the grand scheme of things. The lead trio still make up a pretty likeable cast of characters and the plot itself has become much easier to follow once you understand the basic groundwork of this world, but despite how much the story is trying to build up some sort of climatic destination, I’m just not feeling it anymore. Who’s the real bad guy? What’re they going to do next? At least I’m not the only one confused. Hopefully both Keita and I will both get a little more direction in volume six.

Review written February 20, 2009 by Lissa Pattillo
Book provided by Yen Press for review purposes

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