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Viz Dominates NYCC 2009 Sunday

With Tokyopop, Bandai, Del Rey and Yen Press’s panels yesterday, it was Viz who stepped up to take centrestage today at New York Comic Con. Many thanks to @MangaCast again and the ever-vigilant (and wonderfully detailed) Gia over at AnimeVice! You can read her live-postings about the Viz panel here.

New manga licenses from Viz are:

All My Darling Daughters
Fumi Yoshinaga

Beast Master
Kyousuke Motomi

Boys Over Flowers: Jewelery Box
Yoko Kamio

Butterfly, Flowers
Yuki Yoshihara

Gogo Monster
Taiyo Matsumoto

Keitaro Takahashi

Natsume’s Book of Friends
Yuki Midorikawa

Not Simple
Natsume Ono

The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross Artbook
Arina Tanemura

What a Wonderful World
Inio Asano

Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Akira Ito

ANN has thumbnails and release dates to go with these titles as well.

Also exciting from Viz is that they’ll be revealing “very soon” information about their release plans for the Monster anime series and L: Change the World live-action film. As someone who has just finished the Monster manga series (in a word, wow), I’m excited to hear that the English anime release is moving forward. An anime I may actually sit down and watch! I hope its a nice boxset release initially over individual DVDs.

Other tidbits (which you can read about in more detail over at Gia’s live blog of the panel) include Stan Lee’s Ultimo running in Shonen Jump, Naruto taking a break in Shonen Jump to make way for a lot of manga volumes spread over a few months and some date reminders of upcoming releases.

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3 Responses

  1. I could never get into monster, tried several times and just couldn't get past the first half dozen episodes.

    I've been thinking of pcking the manga up, but it's low on my list these days.

    PS: For some reason your site hates me these days :(

    • Lissa says:

      @Tiamat I liked what I saw of the first episode of Monster though admittedly with how detailed and intense the manga is, I have trouble imagining them pulling it off in anime-form. Hopefully I'll atleast get a chance to see it for myself someday.

      What kind of problems have you been having with my site?

  2. It's taking ages for it to load, took near 90secs for it jut now, which was faster than usual. Also getting a lot of time outs, usually have to do my post 3 or 4 times before it works. Been like that since just before xmas.

    As for the anime, for me i think it was more it felt to flat. Shows like this are supposed to be full of suspense, high creepiness and so on. But they always come across as flat. Higurashi was the same, the manga was mind blowing, but the anime was flat.

    My local is doing another 3for2 deal shortly, i'll pick up the first few volumes of monster then, and give it a try.

    Have to confess though, lately my love of anime has dwindled, though my love of manga is going through the roof. Blew all of my xmas bonus on manga lol

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