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Review: Spiral – Bonds of Reasoning (Vol. 05)

Author:Kyo Shirodaira
Manga-ka: Eita Mizuno
Publisher: Yen Press
Rating: Teen (13+)
Released: October 2008

Synopsis: “The Blade Children are on the alert as the first “hunter”—Kanon Hilbert, a fellow Blade Child and Eyes Rutherford’s childhood friend—is sent to eradicate them. To shore up their defenses, Eyes seeks the cooperation of track star Ryouko Takamachi, a Blade Child who despises both him and Kiyotaka Narumi. Well aware that Eyes won’t take “no” for an answer, Ryouko decides to let her physical prowess speak for her and challenges him to a simple game of dodgeball… or is it?”

Ayamu Narumi may just be the luckiest kid on earth… or maybe he’s just a genius. Either way, he needs everything he’s got to pass the life or death tests being brought to him by the Blade Children. We still don’t know what greater purpose he’s being tested for, but one thing is certain, his brother is definitely involved. What’s confusing about that is I’m pretty sure his brother is supposed to be dead.

As interesting as the last few moments of a heated intellectual battle are, you get kind of sick of it after five or six pages. I know it’s hard to understand why anyone would subject themselves to something so painfully repetitive and long winded, but it’s addictive! I don’t understand how writer Kyo Shirodaira does it but I’m completely sucked in by this story. The characters are so interesting and lets face it, I’m a sucker for cool hair.

On the topic of cool hair Eye’s Rutherford finally gets to stop having his pretty face plastered on billboards and sitting on rooftops mysteriously in the background. He has been watching Narumi, and in watching him, has decided to make a change for the Blade Children, stepping out of his dark corners to try and change the course of their dwindling future. As well as being the most famous pianist in the universe (piano in this world is apparently -very- popular) his deductive powers are at least as good as Narumi’s, yet it feels like he has a little something else. Those cat-like eyes of his in combination with long wispy white hair: it’s just way to cute! Oh goodness, I’m in love with every character.

It’s time for the multitude of other characters to shine, and given how adorable and intriguing they are, there won’t be any complaints from me. Sorry Narumi but there is cooler hair and cuter faces on the horizon. It’s time for this story to move on for a while and who knows what kind of trouble you’ll be in when we get back to you.

Review written March 14, 2009 by Marsha Reid
Book provided by Yen Press for review purposes

Marsha Reid

About the Author:

Marsha Reid is a self-proclaimed manhwa nut – "It’s my not so guilty pleasure and my one true love." She has a group called Anime@ Large, which has become much like a full time job to go along with her full time job at a local theater. Marsha likes fluffy animals (even though she's allergic), manga/manhwa, anime, and make Lolita costumes in her spare time.

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