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Kuriousity at SDCC: CMX Manga

San Diego Comic Con International

Here we go at the convention’s last industry manga panel: CMX Manga! A few technical difficulties slowed the start but it gave some attendees time to share a few con stories with the staff, and then soon enough, things began!

Note: Due to technical problems of my own, I wasn’t able to live blog the panels that happened yesterday but I do have all the information so that will all hopefully be up tonight!

CMX staff begin by showcasing multiple series,most of which acting as elaboration for previously announced/revealed titles while the others near-the-end are new:

The Battle of Genryu – Shouko Fukaki
August 2009
Three volume series (16+)

A Tale of An Unknown Country – Natsuna Kawase (artist as The Lapis Lazuli Crown)
September 2009
Three volume series (All ages)

Oh! My Brother – Ken Saito (artist as Name of the Flower)
October 2009
Three volume series, on-going (13+)

Deka Kyoshi – Tamio Baba
November 2009
Three volume series (13+)

The Lizard Prince – Asuka Izumi (artist of Ballad of a Shinigami)
November 2009
Two volume series (All Ages)

The World I Create – Ayami Kazama
January 2010
One volume series (All Ages)

Stolen Hearts – Miku Sakamoto (artist of Nadeshiko Club)
January 2010
Four volume series, on-going (13+)

Rampage – Yunosuke Yoshinaga (artist of Broken Blade)
February 2010
Four volme series, on-going (18+)

My Darling! Miss Bancho – May Fujikata
March 2010
Four volume series, on-going (13+)

Diamond Girl – Takanori Yamazaki
April 2010
Three volume series, on-going (13+)

Polyphonica: Cardinal Crimson – Ichiro Sakaki/Ocelot & Tomo Hirokawa
May 2010
Two volume series, on-going (13+)

Nadeshiko Club – Miku Sakamoto (artist of Stolen Hearts)
June 2010
Seven volume series, (13+)

New Goodies:

Nyankoi! – Sato Fujisawa
July 2010
Three volume series, on-going (13+)

Shisso Holiday – Otsuichi/Hiro Kiyohara
July 2010
One volume (13+)

The Phantom Guesthouse – Nari Kusawkawa (artist of Palette of 12 Secret Colours)
July 2010
One volme (13+)

Tableau Gate – Rika Suzuki
August 2010
Four volume series, on-going (16+)

51 Ways to Save Her – Usaramu Furuya
September 2010
Five volume series (18+)

Next it was Q & A time. I’ll post up some of the interesting answers once the panel’s completed.

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