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NYAF 2009: Viz Media

NYAF 2009 - Viz Media

Wrapping up the manga-centric news of this past weekend’s New York Anime Fest, Sunday saw Viz Media staff take the panel stand with some fun new announcements.

New Licenses:

Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ by Natsume Ono
What’s the Answer by Tondabayashi
Grand Guignol Orchestra by Kaori Yuki
Nice to Meet You, Kamisama by Julietta Suzuki
Library Wars by Kiiro Yumi
What’s the Answer? (Creator unknown)
Bob and His Funky Crew (Creator unknown)

The previously announced series Bakuman (by the same creators as Death Note which premiere in the May 2010 issue of Shonen Jump, and before that in February Shonen Jump readers will get to read the first chapter of Toriko with its first volume due out in June. A reminder also that the big One Piece speed-up will begin in January which will see a whopping 4 volumes a month until June. A big yikes to fans’ wallets but a yay to their eager eyes!

For Rumiko Takahashi fans, Rin-Ne volume one comes out on October 20th and Inu-Yasha anime fans can look forward to a simulcast of the upcoming Inu-Yasha anime finale. I have to admit, as much Rumiko Takahashi’s tendacy to overstretch her series gets a tad on my nerves, I still have a big soft spot for her stories and I think an anime adaptation of Inu-Yasha‘s finale is pretty neat and all the more spiffy that we’ll get to watch it so soon.

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  1. art says:

    I believe Viz will be releasing 5 volumes of One Piece a month, not 4.

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