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Nickelodeon Officially Announces Avatar the Legend of Korra

Didn’t I promise a little more Avatar the Last Airbender content on here? I think I did. While an unfortunate computer-frying has slowed down the posting of my review to the recent graphic novel release of Zuko’s Story, I’m happy to post about this exciting news in the meantime.

After months of job postings, speculation and title dropping, Nickelodeon today sent out an official press release about their new Avatar animated series. Titled Avatar: The Legend of Korra, this sequel series will take place seventy years in the future and follows the title character, Korra, the next Avatar. Born to the water tribes, Korra leaves her home to seek mastery of the four elements and finds herself combatting crime in a steam-powered city of warring classes and those protesting the use of bending. In her travels she’ll also meet the son of Aang, the original series’ main character, whose name is Tenzin.

Created by the same dream team responsible for Avatar: The Last Airbender, there’s tons to be excited about for this series. No word yet how much, if at all, past characters will make appearances (being in their 80s after all) but there still sounds like more than enough reason to tune in. Set for release in 2011, let the countdown begin!

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3 Responses

  1. DanielBT says:

    Even though I never saw much of the TV series, this has GOT to be better than the mess of the Live-action movie. M. Night Shyamalan doesn't stand a chance, since this is more likely to appeal to Avatar fans. Especially since it's by the same creative team. That's a good sign of lack of executive meddling.

    • Lissa says:

      I just saved myself the agony and avoided the live-action film altogether after hearing so many bad things about it from friends. I'll still rent it though, just like I did with Dragonball Evolution – just so I can say I've seen it.

      It is amazing seeing all the same creative staff returning for this new series – it definitely sounds like it's off to a great start with serving fans both new and old to the series. 2011 seems so extra far away now though… That said, I highly recommend watching the original Avatar TLA – it's one of the best animated series to come out in years, and I whole-heartedly mean that on a global scale. Excellent writing, amazing animation and a wonderful soundtrack.

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