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Super Savings: Tokyopop For Pennies at BookCloseOuts

Tokyopop For Pennies at BookCloseOuts.com

BookCloseOuts.com is a great site to check out for some good manga deals on any given day (just give it a browse and you’ll find dozens of books new and old for over 50% cover price) but they’ve currently got some extra snazzy pricing going on with some Tokyopop titles as a part of their “Kids Books for 99c Sale” – you heard me, 99 cents!

Some of my recommendations from the sale are Jen Lee Quick’s OffBeat!, CLAMP’s RG Veda and Matsuri Akino’s Kamen Tantei.

For a list of the 99cent Tokyopop titles currently available (depending on the stock remaining – alas many on my originally compiled list have already sold out!), check out the lists under the cut:

Alichino (Vol. 01)

Alichino (Vol. 03)

Angel Cup (Vol. 01)

Angel Cup (Vol. 05)

Archlord (Vol. 02)

Archlord (Vol. 03)

Beyond the Beyond (Vol. 01)

Beyond the Beyond (Vol. 02)

Bird Kiss (Vol. 2)

Blade of Heaven (Vol. 10)

The Candidate For Goddess (Vol. 02)

The Candidate For Goddess (Vol. 04)

Catnipped Bad Kitty (Vol. 01)

Chronciles of the Cursed Sword (Vol. 06)

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword (Vol. 08)

Comic Party (Vol. 03)

Comic Party (Vol. 04)

Dragon Hunter (Vol. 03)

Dragon Knights (Vol. 25)

Et Cetera (Vol. 01)

Et Cetera (Vol. 02)

Et Cetera (Vol. 03)

Faeries Landing (Vol. 02)

Gatcha Gatcha (Vol. 01)

Gatcha Gatcha (Vol. 05)

Guru Guru PonChan (Vol. 08)

Hands Off! (Vol. 01)

Hands Off! (Vol. 03)

Hands Off! (Vol. 08)

Heat Guy J

Heaven (Vol. 01)

He Is My Master (Vol. 05)

INVU (Vol. 02)

Kamen Tantei (Vol. 01)

Kamen Tantei (Vol. 02)

Last Fantasy (Vol. 02)

Last Fantasy (Vol. 03)

Last Fantasy (Vol. 04)

Little Queen (Vol. 01)

Metamo Kiss (Vol. 01)

Metamo Kiss (Vol. 02)

A Midnight Opera (Vol. 03)

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed X Astray (Vol. 02)

Neck and Neck (Vol. 01)

Neck and Neck (Vol. 02)

Neck and Neck (Vol. 06)

Offbeat! (Vol. 02)

Otogi Zoshi (Vol. 02)

Phantasy Degree PHD (Vol. 07)

Pick of the Litter (Vol. 01)

The Queens Knight (Vol. 02)

The Queens Knight (Vol. 03)

Recast (Vol. 02)

RG Veda (Vol. 06)

RG Veda (Vol. 09)

RG Veda (Vol. 10)

Rure (Vol. 01)

Saver (Vol. 02)

Secret Chaser (Vol. 01)

Shrine of the Morning Mist (Vol. 02)

Shrine of the Morning Mist (Vol. 03)

Shutter Box (Vol. 01)

Shutter Box (Vol. 03)

Shutter Box (Vol. 04)

Sokora Refugees (Vol. 01)

Somedays Dreamers (Vol. 01)

Soul to Seoul (Vol. 01)

Soul to Seoul (Vol. 02)

Threads of Time (Vol. 06)

Threads of Time (Vol. 07)

Threads of Time (Vol. 08)

Ultra Cute (Vol. 02)

Utopias Avenger (Vol. 01)

Vampire Game (Vol. 11)

Van Von Hunter (Vol. 03)

We Shadows (Vol. 01)

Zodiac PI (Vol. 01)

Zodiac PI (Vol. 03)

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  2. Eric says:

    Be aware that bookcloseouts.com stores account passwords unencrypted in their database. Why is this a problem? No major online store should allow you to retrieve your forgotten password: you should only be able to reset it. If anyone gets access to bookcloseout's database, they could use the email and passwords on other sites. Most people use the same password across multiple sites. Caveat emptor.

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