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Viz Media Picks Up Tenjo Tenge For 2-in-1 Release

Good news for fans of Oh!Great’s martial arts, fan-service epic Tenjo Tenge – after much theorizing and cross-fingers, its new licensor has finally been revealed – Viz Media!

Viz has announced that they’ll be releasing the series from the beginning in a two-in-one format, meaning faster time getting through the series and some money saving as well. The omnibus trend continues! Each book will be $17.99/US and $21.00/CAN.  It’s nice seeing them opt to do two-in-one, over three-in-one as DelRey recently did with Oh!Great’s Air Gear – his work is a bit too much to take in that quantity all in one book. Plus of course’s it’s a nice even number for an even-numbered series.

Tenjo Tenge was previously licensed by CMX Manga, the release of which was met with scrutiny due to strict censorship. The last volume released by CMX was volume 18 while the series itself goes until 22 volumes total. Viz Media has stated that Tenjo Tenge will be released uncensored with a mature rating.

I’m honestly not sure if this is expected or not. Viz Media isn’t the company I’d first think of when considering where the content itself would best fit, though at the same time they seem the most financially sound and with the most consistent scheduling to be able to pick up a ‘rescued’ title of such popularity. Not to mention the fact that Tenjho Tenge is originally a Shuiesha title which is the parent company to Viz Media. Either way, sounds good for the fans! Can’t say I fall into that category (though I love Air Gear) but it’s always promising see a fan-favourite get a second chance.

News Source: Viz Media Press Release

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  1. Aaron says:

    I'm definitely looking forward to it I even thought of buying the old CMX titles but couldn't stomach the idea of buying a "neutered" product now I get two titles and all the content as it was ment to be nice I look forward to it.

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