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Swag Bag: RightStuf Offers Mega Deals on UDON Books

RightStuf - UDON Entertainment

RightStuf’s company-specific sale this week is for books from Canadian company UDON Entertainment. Though probably best known to most for their vast assortment of Street Fighter comics, the company has lots of hidden surprises well worth every penny spent on them. RightStuf’s sale offers minimum savings of 30% on the books.

UDON has a few different manga series for kids under their belts but admittedly I’ve yet to check them out. I have read their manhwa though and enjoyed each one for its own particular quirks. My favourite beyond a doubt is Chronicles of the Grim Peddler. So far they’ve only got one volume released but it’s a really atmospheric book about a man titled the Grim Peddler who anchors several alternate tellings of fairy tales.

Getting only one volume seems to be the manhwa curse from UDON though with the same being said for their horror series, Reading Club. While I’m still boggled by some super-tiny, near unreadable lettering the story itself still did a pretty good job setting up some book-related suspense. And how can a horror fan resist that cover?

Chronicles of the Grim Peddler (Vol. 01)Speaking of hard to resist visuals, UDON also picked up the publishing rights to Range Murata’s multi-artist compilation series Robot. Unfortunately they were only able to put out volumes four and five but they’re still no less worth owning. The same can be said for Apple, a similar full-colour comic anthology collection from Korea that sports breathtaking artwork. They’re released four volumes so far but you’ll be hooked after one!

Anyone who’s ever picked up or purchased an UDON book simply to stare at the super shiny artwork shouldn’t hesitate a moment to pick up the first volume of their Vent anthology. It’s another large  trim cut, full colour and high gloss artbook chock full of artwork and tutorials from their talented team of regular contributors. The book is in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary. Lastly (and speaking of tributes), if you’re even marginally a fan of Darkstalkers and Street Fighter, ensure your bookshelves are that much snazzier with their fan tribute books upon them.

You can see RightStuf’s full list of UDON books on sale over on their site.

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  1. tt says:

    I love the books Grim Peddler and Star Project Chiro. It is just a shame that the series will never be completed by Udon. When Udon where at Comic Con last year I did ask if they were going to finish the following series and I was told no. So buyer beware.

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