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CLAMP To Resume Legal Drug Manga Series

Exciting news for CLAMP fans today – it was revealed today that they’ll be resuming work on their series, Legal Drug! CLAMP had previously done three volumes of Legal Drug before it went on hiatus in 2003. Tokyopop released the ‘complete’ series in English.

“Meet Kazahaya and Rikuou. By day, they are two ordinary pharmacists; by night, their boss has them filling special prescriptions for clients with ailments that can’t be cured using ordinary elixirs.” – Tokyopop description for Legal Drug

Not too long ago it was announced that Legal Drug would be re-released in Japan, which of course times quite well with this news. Though translation of the relaunch say this will be a new series, I think it’ll still be more a continuation but with an opening that allows it to be taken as a new series. Clear introduction of characters, plot, etc. The re-release of the original three volumes will allow for  readers to pick them up if previously missed, while the new series offers shiny new content for existing fans and still a clean-slate for new ones. Plus it’s been such a long time since Legal Drug was last serialized – it’d seem kind of odd just calling it a straight continuation.

I’m really excited as a big lover of the original. The big question for us English-readers now, however, is when will Dark Horse announce the license? Fingers crossed, but consider this a big ‘pretty-please, Dark Horse!’. The original Legal Drug seems like an easy one-volume omnibus perfect for a new English edition but is it on Dark Horse’s radar? The company’s release of Gate 7 has been constantly fraught with delays and failed launch dates but I remain confident in their CLAMP-releasing abilities based on the sheer quality of their Cardcaptor Sakura, Clover and Chobits‘ books.

For now though, a simple YAY! It may be a while yet until it’s available for us to read in English but it’s CLAMP, so at least I’ve little doubt it’ll come to us eventually.

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah H. says:

    Yay indeed! I have been waiting for a proper continuation of this series for a while, and it's been so long since I've read it that a refresher beginning is probably in order for everyone. I really do hope Dark Horse licenses it, so long as they release the first three volumes as well; with Tokyopop down for the count, I'm sure a lot of CLAMP fans who didn't buy it the first time (myself included) would buy an omnibus edition of LD so far.

  2. […] now, however, is when will Dark Horse announce the license?" writes Lissa Pattillo at Kuriousity. "Fingers crossed, but consider this a big ‘pretty-please, Dark Horse!’." At The Manga Critic, […]

  3. Scarper says:

    YES!!! This is especially awesome, since I just now got into the series. Bought the first two volumes at a book store, found out that it was discontinued, and then read this after I found out it was discontinued. Hell. Yes.

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