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New Sailor Moon Anime to Premiere Worldwide in 2013

New Sailor Moon Anime to Premiere Worldwide in 2013

Though Kuriousity is predominantly a manga-centric blog, exceptions can always be made for that big news that just needs to be shared. This past Wednesday I posted a press release from Kodansha Comics announcing a live Sailor Moon event with guests including some of the anime’s original voice actors and the manga’s editor from Kodansha. The event itself took place early this morning (my time) but it didn’t take long for the big announcement promised to spiral around the internet:

Sailor Moon will be getting a brand new anime in 2013!

There isn’t much information past that released yet, though it was said during the event that the anime would be premiered worldwide. The event itself was broadcast online via the streaming service NicoNico, which already streams a few series worldwide minutes after their Japanese broadcast (such as the recently completed – and much adored by this writer – Fate/Zero). I can only guess, but it seems likely NicoNico will be how & where any simultaneous releases are streamed from. A huge thumbs up for worldwide availability of this title though – goodness knows the world will be waiting and watching.

Of information we do have, it has been confirmed the new anime will be a series, not a movie project, and is being based on Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga series. This seems a given obviously, as the manga is the source material, but it does seem more indicative that we’ll be getting an anime closer to the manga’s story-line. It’ll target it at an older audience compared to the original series animated by Toei (and subsequently dubbed and edited for English audiences by DIC), which doubly-suits the fact that those most enamoured with Sailor Moon are now older fans who originally grew up with it. I’m so excited to see what storyline this new anime takes, and even more so how the art looks!

Having now learned that there’s a new anime of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon coming out next year, it seems to make a little more sense why the original animated series has yet to be re-licensed for English release. This may or may not have anything to do with it but it certainly shows that Sailor Moon anime cravings will be satisfied in a different way come 2013. It still leaves me sort of stunned this news came at all.

In anycase, SO EXCITING. Count me among the very hyped and very eager :)

More information is available at AnimeNewsNetwork

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