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Digital Manga Announces Return to Print with Two New Licenses

Digital Manga Announces Resume of Print with Two New Licenses at Fanime

Do you remember the time when all of Digital Manga‘s boys’ love books were in print? Sometimes it feels like only yesterday I was unwrapping the plastic from a new volume of Tyrant Who Falls in Love, and other times it feels like ages ago. And, yes, the irony of their company name to the woes of them going almost entirely digital for a while does not escape me.

Digital Manga’s print hiatus is soon coming to an end, and the company confirmed upcoming dates along with announcing two new licenses at their recent panel at Fanime:

Apple and Honey – Hideyoshico
Apple and Honey: His Rose Colored Life – Hideyoshico
Wolf Magic – Natsuki Zippo

All three titles are one-shots, with the first two connected by some overlap in the collection of short stories that make them up. This is the first time either artist has had works released in English. Digital Manga hasn’t yet given dates for their publication. It seems likely all three books will be published under the company’s June imprint.

According to Digital Manga’s release schedule, their next boys’ love book in print will be the one shot, A New Season of Young Leaves. The release schedule also includes updated release times for most of their upcoming titles. While SuBLime‘s excellent book selection has done a great job filling the hole left by Digital Manga’s hiatus, I am glad to see the company back to its’ BL book roots and will definitely continue purchasing what they put out as they become available again.

Other little news tidbits from the panel include word that DMP will, at some time in the future, be releasing the last volume of Vampire Hunter D and the second volume of Castle Mango. They also said that they do plan to have Yaoi-Con back for 2014 (it was cancelled for 2013), but do not yet have a date or location. Digital Manga also plans to slow their licensing over the next six months and launch some new Kickstarters in the new year.

Credit for the details goes to AnimeNewsNetwork and Deb Aoki.

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