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O7-Ghost Chapter Preview

07-Ghost Chapter One: Off to a great start! 

I know I already posted about Go!Comi’s website for their upcoming series, 07-Ghost, earlier this week, but earlier this week I didn’t have a link for their first chapter preview, so enjoy! It’s a really nice manga reader too, slick and simple. 07-Ghost looks like an entertaining series thus far and I’m really liking the expressive art style. A definite must-buy for me when December comes around. Also a reminder, don’t forget about Go!Comi’s current draw contest to win the original Japanese seven volume set!

Go!Comi Yaoi Con Licenses and 07-Ghost

Get the Moon & BrandollI’m a little late on the draw with posting this news but doesn’t hurt to toss it out there anyway, right? Good stuff!

Go!Comi sent out a press release regarding two boys’ love licenses they announced at the past Yaoi Con 2008. The titles are Get the Moon and Brandoll, both by Ryo Takagi whose manga, The Devil Within, has already been released by Go!Comi.

“Get the Moon” tells the story of Getto, and his complex relationship with Moon – a handsome android created by his father! Getto’s sibling rivalry with Moon is inflamed by the fact that his father clearly prefers his android creation over his human one. As Getto and Moon fight for their “father’s” approval, will their relationship turn to hate – or love?

“Bran Doll” details the misadventures of the hapless Fen, who signs up for his country’s Special Defense Force, only to find himself enrolled in the Special DOLL Force instead! Now Fen must hunt down and retrieve a collection of precious, missing bran dolls (that’s right – bran dolls, the kind they use in voodoo) that have been scattered to the four corners of the world. Unfortunately for Fen (but fortunately for the reader) he has four beautiful men to accompany him on his quests!

Go!Comi’s website for their series 07-Ghost, is also up and running now. To celebrate the site’s launch, and the upcoming release of volume one, they’ve started a draw-contest with the winner recieving the original seven book set of the 07-Ghost tankobon.

GoComi Continues 07-Ghost Promotion on DA

Go!Comi on DA

Since yesterday announcing the license of their manga series 07-Ghost, Go!Comi has continued using the art-community DeviantArt to further advertise the series. Up in their DA gallery account today they’ve uploaded the covers of volumes 1-5.

From the artwork alone, I know I’m sold. It’s really attractive and has a compelling sounding plot. I’m amazed it’s the manga-ka’s premiere publication and I can’t wait to get my hands on volume one in January!

Unrelated, but the crafty 801-chan has hinted at some new licenses on their forums over at 801Media. No word yet on what they are but something to look forward to!

Go!Comi licenses 07-Ghost


Go!Comi made an announcement today that they have licensed the series 07-Ghost by Amemiya Yuki. Never thought I’d get a license annoucement through DeviantArt! Fun surprises.

“Set in a gothic fantasy world, 07-GHOST tells the story of Teito, a former slave who is now pursued by the forces of the Barsburg Empire because of his exceptional ability to use a form of magic called Zaiphon. Teito’s discovery of his true nature and his subsequent quest for revenge involve him in the affairs of the Gods themselves, as he finds himself at the center of the conflict between Verloren, the God of Death, and the mysterious “beings of light” sent by Heaven to oppose him: the Seven Ghosts.”

Volume one will be out in January 2009.

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