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Yen Press Returns to the Demon World with Spin-Off Series, Bloody Brat

Bloody Brat

Yen Press has confirmed with AnimeNewsNetwork that they’ve licensed a spin-off to their currently running series, Blood Lad:

Bloody Brat – Yuuki Kodama & Kanata Yoshino

This one-volume book has a collection of short stories and 4-panel comics based on the characters and worlds written in Blood Lad. A page for the series popped up on Amazon (US) earlier this week, which lists it as scheduled for March 2014.

I’ve only read the first volume of Blood Lad so far, but I really liked it. The art style was a little dull but I was surprised by how smitten I became with the lead, Staz the vampire, and the humor the series has. I’ll need to get myself caught up before Bloody Brat comes out.

Yen Press released the third omnibus volume of Blood Lad this past May, while Viz Media is streaming the new anime adaptation (though unfortunately to US viewers only).

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