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Seven Seas Adds D-Frag Comedy Manga to 2014 Schedule

Seven Seas Adds D-Frag Comedy Manga to 2014 Schedule

Seven Seas continues to add to their 2014 library of titles with another new licenses announced via their Twitter account:

D-Frag! – Tomoya Haruno

D-Frag follows a young man named Kenji Kazama, who is seen by himself and his peers as the school delinquent. His school life changes when he’s forced to join a gamers’ club consisting of girls who’re considerably more out-there than he ever was.

Seven Seas describes it as “Lots of slapstick/gag comedy, a bit of slice-of-life school antics and a dash of (not your average) harem fun.” The company also recently launched an Instagram account where they posted several hints for fans to guess D-Frag! before officially announcing it.

The first volume of D-Frag! is scheduled for July 2014 and priced at $14.99/CAN, $12.99/US. Volume two is listed for September. Both these volumes are currently available for pre-order on – volume one and volume two.

Seven Seas’ announcement of the license comes pretty well-timed with the premiere of the D-Frag anime, which will have its first episode air this early January.

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