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NYCC 2013: Yen Press Team-Ups and Dishes Out New Manga Licenses

Yen Press at NYCC 2013

It’s time for the Yen Press edition of New York Comic Con! The manga publisher revealed a new relationship with the Japanese manga-mecha publisher, Kodansha, by announcing a handful of their titles a midst their mix of new licenses:

Ani-Imo – Haruko Kurumatani
Demon from a Foreign Land – Kaori Yuki
He’s My Only Vampire – Aya Shouoto
High School DxD – Ichiei Ishibumi & Hiroji Mishima
Void’s Enigmatic Mansion – JiEun Ha & HeeEun Kim

Ani-Imo is the kind of series I avoid due to the incest fetishism and underage characters. Not my thing! But it definitely floats people’s proverbial boat and is the first of Yen Press’s books from Kodansha. The series is about a pair of twins who switch bodies after a car accident and the caretaker brother loses his body to his once docile sister.

Demon From a Foreign Land is more up my alley. I’ll buy anything by Kaori Yuki! Yen Press seems to be counting on that fan sentiment as it’s releasing this title in special hardcover editions. After an earthquake leaves a young man homeless, he’s taken in by a rich baron, and though he finds friendship with the baron’s heir and his fiance, it doesn’t prepare him for the conspiracies and supernatural mystery that surround the home.

Then like Viz Media, Yen Press has its own new vampiric romance  to throw into the still hungry market. He’s My Only Vampire is about a young woman’s relationship with her childhood friend, who happens to be a vampire. One would call that a complication.

High School DxD is a series English readers may already be familiar with thanks to its anime adaptation. The original story was a light novel, while this license being the franchise’s manga version. When a perverted teen is murdered by his first date, he’s resurrected as demonic servant to the prettiest girl at his school. Loss-to-win situation?

And last up is a new manhwa series. I’m really glad to see Yen Press hasn’t dropped their manhwa licenses since the majority of their leftover ICE Kunion series’ ended. The artist, HeeEun Kim, had a work previously published in English by Infinity Studios. Void’s Enigmatic Mansion is also a unique case in that they’ll be releasing it digitally with a simultaneous release with Korea. The plot sounds episodic in nature and is just kind of series I find myself adoring. It focuses on those living in a strange house that grants their wishes, with unexpected twists to their requests.

Yen Press also announced Alice in the Country of Diamonds ~Wonderful Wonder World~ Official Visual Fan Book. As the very long name suggests, this will be a fanbook of artwork and bonus content for the Alice in the Country of… series, a franchise consisting of many manga adaptations based on the original sim games. Seven Seas and Yen Press have been sharing the market in English for a couple years with no sign of slowing.

There haven’t been any specific dates given for the release of these new licenses, but Yen Press says 2014 is the plan for all.

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