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Seven Seas Takes A Different Trip Into Wonderland with I Am Alice Series

Seven Seas Takes A Different Trip Into Wonderland with New Alice Series

Seven Seas has added a new Alice in Wonderland manga series to their growing library, but this time they’ve switched things up with a title that may look familiar, but is actually a different take on the original story than the usual Alice in the Country of…:

I Am Alice: Bodyswap in Wonderland – Ayumi Kanou

I Am Alice is a body and gender-swap story staring a young male protagonist who finds himself magically transported into the world of Alice in Wonderland. On top of that, he’s been transformed into Alice. Now he needs to defeat the King of Hearts if he’s ever to get home, not to mention deal with the aid and advances from the world’s inhabitants.

The series is multiple volumes, and still on-going, but it isn’t completely clear from Seven Seas’ announcement if they’ll be releasing it as omnibus or single editions. They do however show the titles’ first volume cover. The current release date is September 2014. This will be Ayumi Kanou’s third series licensed for English translation after Seven Seas’ recently released Dictatorial Grimoire, and Bandai Entertainment’s Tales of the Abyss: Jade’s Secret Memories.

If you’re curious about this title, AnimeNewsNetwork has a detailed news posting with full body images for all the characters. It’s a very colourful cast and neat seeing new designs after we’ve become so accustomed to those in Alice in the Country of… (granted the art style itself is very similar). I’ve no doubt this series will find itself a lot of overlapping fans.

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