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Seven Seas Skirts the Manga Shadows with Senran Kagura License

Seven Seas Skirts the Manga Shadows with Senran Kagura License

Ah, Spring – the snow is melting, the sun is shining and publishers start ramping up their license announces. It’s all a win! Now if only I could keep up, right?

This past week Seven Seas confirmed a new license with AnimeNewsNetwork:

Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows – Kenichirou Takaki & Amami Takatsume

“Hanzo Academy: a secret high school established by the Japanese government to educate the newest generation of ninja girls. The spunky second year student, Asuka, along with her friends, the perverted Katsuragi, the childish Hibari, the mature Ikaruga and the deadly Yagyu, must each undergo rigorous training in their daily school life. But do they have what it takes to become full-fledged ninja? Only their bodacious skills and prodigious talents can keep them alive while they struggle against ninja rivals who seek to destroy them at every turn.” – Seven Seas

Listings for the title appeared on and late March with prices listed at $13.99/CAN, $12.99/US. Seven Seas currently has a placeholder page for the series, while you can see some preview pages on Volume one is listed for a November release.

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