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Release List: August 2009

With con season well under way, it’s easy to get caught up thinking about all those fantastic series on their way to us in the future. But though the future is full of shiny things, we mustn’t forget the present and fortunately there’s plenty of great stuff coming up in August to keep our reading minds on the now :)

You can check out August 2009’s currently scheduled manga releases under the cut:

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Release List: June 2009

After recieving a few e-mails from readers about my releases lists, still some of the bigger draws of my site it seems, I’ve made some changes to the format :) Now for your convenience each book is seperated by publisher instead of being listed alphabetically (with shiny banners just ’cause!). I’ll also be updating this list with links to reviews for the books posted here on Kuriousity as they’re posted.

Also, as you may have noticed, this book list is for June 2009’s manga releases. Where as I was going to post these monthly release lists a month in advance (example: this should be July by that system), a reader brought up the concern that this was too far in advance and knowing what’s coming out right now is more useful, which makes sense of course. So, what do people think? Post these lists at the beginning of the month or return to the month-in-advance formula?

Either way, enjoy this month’s releases! Tons of goodies coming your way with Viz leading the pack yet again. And is that another volume of Nightmare Inspector I see? Didn’t I just buy that? Viz is great for giving me that feeling quite often it seems.

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Release List: September 2008

Starting with the upcoming September 2008 releases, I’m going to be posting a list of what new manga books you can expect to see in the coming months! Looooong lists, but all the better to excercise our wallets with right? Lists are in alphabetical order, and include their publisher’s logo, volume and creator(s).

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