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Digital Manga Tweets Tateno with Two New Boys’ Love Titles

Digital Manga Tweets Tateno with Two New Boys' Love Titles

It’s not the title I recently wrote my hopes for, but Digital Manga shows we’re still on the path of potential when they announced licenses for two new manga series:

A Murmur of the Heart – Makoto Tateno
A Waltz In The Clinic – Makoto Tateno

Both titles are boys’ love one-shots, and are scheduled for release as print and digital editions. When? Still a mystery. Digital Manga announced both licenses via their Twitter account earlier in the month.

Not only do these titles have the creator in common – who has had many of her works released in English over the years – but they both also cater to readers looking for some physical physicians. Of course it helps they share the same characters and locale. A Waltz in the Clinic follows a hospital resident who falls for a patient he meets while avoiding the advances of a physician in his department. In A Murmur of the Heart, that same physician is inspired to explore his feelings for a surgeon when he sees the resident he was chasing fall into a relationship of his own.

Amazon.jp has some preview pages up for A Murmur of the Heart, while we’ve reviewed a number of Makoto Tateno’s titles here on Kuriousity. Her titles are always lukewarm for me – I never think they’re all that great, but I’ve rarely found them bad. They sure are books I read! I’d be lying if I said the hospital theme didn’t pique my interest a little more than usual though.

There Today, Hopefully Here Tomorrow – New Higuri, Titan and Tateno Manga Series Debut in Japan

Princess Ledalia: The Rose Pirate

Manga series only out in Japan are rarely a topic here at Kuriousity simply because of the inability to buy them in English. However I’m making an exception today for three new series scheduled to debut in the next few months that I’ll be having my fingers crossed we see released in English one day. Here’s to hoping!

I’ll start off with the manga title that excites me the most and that’s a new work by You Higuri. I’ve always enjoyed her work. Even if an individual story is a little lack-lustre, I love her art. Her new series is called Princess Ledalia: The Rose Pirate, and, as the name might suggest, stars a young woman who was raised as a pirate but learns that she’s actually of noble birth.

I really hope Ledalia is more of a butt-kicker than a stereotypical damsel and that finding out she’s a princess doesn’t turn a tough pirate into a weeping sovereign. It’s a cynical way for me to go into this, sure, but I have high hopes for something really fun, inspiring and well drawn.

You Higuri has had series published in English by Del Rey, BLU, Digital Manga Publishing, GoComi, and CMX. All but one of those companies have since shutdown, but I’ll remain hopeful that her work comes with enough past success to warrant a license of her newer work. (Src: ANN)

Attack on Titan: Before the FallFans of Attack on Titan are likely pleased with the news that the series is getting a new manga based on previously released light novels. I’ve really wanted to read these light novels, which take place before the series and follows the inventor of 3D maneuver gear, but had resigned myself to the fact that even a series as popular as Attack on Titan couldn’t inspire a light novel license. A manga on the other hand…

This new series is called Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, and is being drawn by Satoshi Shiki. Shiki’s original manga series Kami-Kaze was released in English by Tokyopop and their art style back then makes me confident they’ll do a nice job drawing the complicated, action-oriented movements of Attack on Titan‘s maneuver gear, not to mention the terrifying titans themselves. (Src: ANN)

We also more recently learned that there’s a second spin-off manga for Attack on Titan which will be running in the shoujo magazine, ARIA. Attack on Titan: A Choice With No Regrets will be a story about the characters Levi and Erwin, specifically their back-stories. The original story has already hinted at Levi’s past as a street thug leader before Erwin met him, so we know there’s plenty of material to elaborate on. (Src: ANN)

Attack on Titan has been one of the best selling titles in years, both in Japan and in North America, so I like to think this makes the eventual license of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall and A Choice With No Regrets a guarantee. Since the titles are both being released in Kodansha magazines, Kodansha Comics seems like the likeliest candidate – plus of course they’re putting out Attack on Titan.

Lastly, Makoto Tateno hops back on the paranormal bandwagon with her new series, Vampire Romanshiki. This series will be about a young woman attending an all-girls’ school who is one day approached by two mysterious men – who I’m guessing are vampires. I like that the story takes place in 1918, which I hope gives it a little unique flair.

A number of Makoto Tateno’s series have been released in English already and most by Digital Manga Publishing. My feelings towards her books are always hit or miss, but apparently more the first than the latter since I always buy them.  (Src: ANN)

SuBLime Licenses Yaya Sakuragi’s Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love


2012 is really shaping up to be the year of adult manga so far, isn’t it? It feels like the bulk of licensing news since the new year began has been mature titles from SuBLime and Digital Manga Publishing, be it hentai, boys’ love or Tezuka’s darker-themed, Barbara. It’s become a notable trend so far but I’ve no complaints. It’s been fantastic seeing this time of year full of manga licenses when typically I associate them as coming in bulk in the summer.

That being said, SuBLime continues to roll along with their new  licenses, announcing today they’ll be releasing Yaya Sakuragi’s Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love:

“High school student Ao has had a wet dream about longtime neighbor and Shinto priest, Ryomei. He’s taken aback and excited by this dream, and starts to consider the joys of a relationship with another man. Ao approaches Ryomei in the hopes of making his dream a reality, but is flatly refused. Not one to give up easily, Ao persists until he finally gets his kiss. But will this horny high schooler really be satisfied with a simple kiss? Bonus story included!”

I’m looking forward to buying this one, having enjoyed some of Yaya Sakuragi’s work in the past when published by DMP and the now defunct BLU. Plus it has a priest in it which is always a soft spot of mine – robes are so pretty to look at!  Volume one is scheduled for release in August 2012 with following volumes being printed every three months. Currently SuBLime does not have rights for releasing Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love digitally.

SuBLime also announced they’ve licensed Makoto Tateno’s How’s Your Ex?. Unfortunately this one-shot title is a digital-only release. It’s scheduled for April 2012 and is one of the creator’s most recent projects, just published in Japan back in November 2011.

Swag Bag Special: L’édition Française

Swag Bag - BL en Francais!

It’s a special edition of Swag Bag today that may very well be the first of many. Just after I got back from TCAF, I received my first shipment of French-translated manga which I ordered through Amazon.ca. While my French is a little rusty, I was blown away by the selection the French manga market offered and had to try ordering some, especially when they have a number of the series that Tokyopop’s demise left hanging. Now with the books in hand, I’m equally impressed by the quality of the books themselves.

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Swag Bag: Muscling In On Toronto’s Manga Supply

Welcome to what is definitely the longest Swag Bag to date! Mostly because I completely failed to compile my Swag Bag from last year’s Anime North… None the less! – my recent trip to Toronto was chock full of fun finds, and painful but no doubt hilarious attempts at cramming it all into my suitcases. This post here consists of the manga I bought while traversing the packed streets of Toronto while my TCAF purchases will come in a later post once I’ve finished oogling them enough to write something coherent.

The books listed here were all purchased from either my local Strange Adventures (pre-con buying is important, like eating before going to the grocery store – it helps… I think). The rest with exception of I think 1 or 2 came from what I’m dubbing the manga treasure trove of Toronto – The Beguiling. My thanks to their very accomodating staff! If curious about my other comic shop adventures in Toronto, you can check out the Ontario section of Kuriousity’s Canadian Comic Shop listings.

Now onto the swag!

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Digital Manga Adds Stack of New BL Titles for New Year

Digital Manga Adds Stack of New BL Titles for New Year

A bit of an unexpected short hiatus for Kuriousity this past week but leave it to Digital Manga to surprise us with a bunch of new license announcements to start off the new year with a pleasant jump-start.

Originally these titles were announced through their Facebook page, a bit of an inconvenience as it requires you to be a Facebook user to see the news. Folks were quick to point manga fans in the direction though and soon enough Digital Manga’s Sales Manager, Yoko Tanigaki, was linking to the titles via her Twitter account. Impressively, and always a huge brownie point winner with me, was that within hours all the new titles were posted to Digital Manga’s website with covers, info and release dates. This all before the titles were posted to retail sites for an assortment of unconfirmed speculation as well. Thumbs up for being so on the ball!

That said, the new titles, predominantly boys’ love one-shots, announced were:

An Even More Beautiful Lie – Kei Kanai (July 2011)
Warning! Whispers of Love – Puku Okuyama (July 2011)
Sky Link – Shiro Yamada (July 2011)
A Liar in Love – Ueda Kiyo (June 2011)
A Fallen Saint’s Kiss – You Higashino
Tonight’s Take Out Night! – Akira Minazuki (June 2011)
I Give To You – Maki Ebishi (June 2011)
This Night’s Everything – Akira Minazuki (June 2011)
Entangled Circumstances – Kikuko Kikuya (June 2011)

… and some future volumes of continuing series:

Seven Days: Friday to Saturday – Rihito Takarai (August 2011)
Yashakiden: The Demon Princess Omnibus (Vol. 04) – Hideyuki Kikuchi (June 2011)
Angelic Runes (Vol. 02) – Makoto Tateno (June 2011)
Dog x Cat (Vol. 02) – Yoshimi Amasaki (June 2011)

It was an eye-opener to me when I learned (a while back now) that many manga series are licensed book to book and not as a whole series upfront. I really like seeing that Digital Manga has started announcing their x-number volume acquisitions as they happen, even if they don’t seem as exciting to most as a brand new title. It’s always good to see the series we’re already attached to getting continued attention from the company even with their newer titles coming in.

As for the new titles, based on the pretty covers, I’m most eager for Warning! Whispers of Love thanks to the unique looking design layout. It looks like it’d have more of a story than your standard love-you-love-you-more romance. But it looks to be another assortment of short stories, which tend to be more miss than hit for me, but I can remain optimistic! Going by just pretty-levels of artwork though, I’m intrigued by Tonight’s Take-Out Night!. So nice looking!

Going by those release dates, there’s going to be a big surplus of new boys’ love in the summer. There isn’t a lot of information listed just yet but with what we have, are there any here you’re most looking forward to checking out?

Digital Manga Announces New Kodaka, Kikuchi and More

On the eve of this year’s Yaoi Con, Digital Manga has announced a handful of new titles, two of the three boys’ love. The news was posted on their website and official Twitter account.

Border – Kazuma Kodaka
Bad Teacher’s Equation – Kazuma Kodaka
Demon City Shinjuku: The Complete Edition (Novel) – Hideyuki Kikuchi

Edit: Kazuma Kobaka’s Border was originally announced publicly at the past Anime Expo. (Thanks, Jessica!)

They also announced the acquisition of the fourth volume of Makoto Tateno’s Blue Sheep Reverie. Also new to their website are Rabbit Man, Tiger Man (Akira Honma), Men of Tattoos (Aniya Yuiji), Butterfly of a Distant Day (Tooko Miyagi), That Was Good (CJ Michalski) and Your Story I’ve Known (Tsuta Suzuki). You can check out the pages for Border, Bad Teacher’s Equation and Demon City Shinjuku as well.

Though the titles themselves are exciting (more Kazume Kodaka – yay!), I was honestly even more pleased at the method of their announcement. Granted a blog-style announcement isn’t the most climatic delivery in the world, but it’s great to have it come directly from the publisher via their social media outlets and, most impressively to me, was also accompanied by the volumes being added to the website right away with the Japanese covers and release dates. An up-to-date website? Madness! Thank you, Digital Manga, for again proving you have one of the very best manga publisher websites for info on your titles! You make me and many others very happy.

PR: Animate USA Adds Youka Nitta and Hinako Takanaga Titles


TOKYO, JAPAN – September 1 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce its September release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store!

Five more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan, including the Kindle Exclusive title “Kiss Ariki – Episode 1” by Youka Nitta, have been added. Also, Hinako Takanaga, one of the most popular BL artists, has finally arrived in the Kindle Store!

For more information, please visit www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp, and to keep on top of all things about Nitta Youka, nittayouka.com!!

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Viewing Things Digitally – Some Thoughts on Manga Online

Written by: Shannon Fay

Reading manga online isn’t for everyone. Looking at any screen for hours can make your head hurt and your eyeballs fell like they’ve been dipped in bleach. Luckily, I was designed in a lab specifically to avoid those symptoms. I love reading manga online. I love that I control the vertical and the horizontal, that I can sharpen a single image to crystal clarity. I love that no trees were killed in order for me to enjoy a particular volume. I love that I can read the many works of Makoto Tateno and not worry about where in my tiny house I’ll fit them.

But while I like reading manga on my computer screen, that doesn’t mean I give every manga company that posts their wares online a pass. In fact, because I enjoy it so much, I want to see it done right. For the most part there’s not a big difference between publishers’ online manga viewers. It’s a pretty basic concept: it’s manga, and it’s online. This article is to point out the tiny details that differentiate them, the little things that either makes reading manga online a pleasure or a pain.

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PR: Animate USA – New Releases in Kindle

TOKYO, JAPAN – August 4 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to reveal its August release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store! Four more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan, including Kindle Exclusive title “Pet in Love – Pet on Duty Bonus Story-,” have been added to the Kindle Store.

For more information, please visit www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp, and to keep on top of all things about Nitta Youka, nittayouka.com!!

August 2010:
Nase Yamato – “Pet in Love – Pet on Duty Bonus Story” Kindle Exclusive!!!
Youka Nitta – “Sound of My Voice – Golden Goose Part 2”
Shiuko Kano – “P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 2”
Makoto Tateno – “See You in the School of the Muse Vol.1 (in Japanese)”

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