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Yen Press Beats the Bad Luck With Four New Manga Licenses

Yen Press Beats the Bad Luck With Four New Manga Licenses

This past Friday the 13th wasn’t unlucky for Yen Press, who made a post about some on-going title updates, and four new manga licenses:

Akame Ga Kill! – Takahiro & Tetsuya Tashiro
Kagerou Daze – Jin & Shidu
Secret – Yoshiki Tonogai
Sword Art Online: Progressive – Reki Kawahara & abec

Akame Ga Kill! is about a young man who leaves his village in order to earn money in his country’s Capital City. Though robbed halfway there, he finds himself taken in by a generous upperclasswoman. Things aren’t always what they seem however, when a band of assassins attack her mansion, yet don’t seem to be the bad-guys in the situation. The first volume of Akame Ga Kill! is scheduled for January 2015, and is available to pre-order on Amazon CAN | US.

Kagerou Daze is a double-dip license, including both the manga and light novel versions of the story. The series follows a shut-in forced to leave his home after his computer crashes, only to walk right into a dangerous hostage situation. Volume one of both the manga and light novel will be released in early 2015, while the manga can already be pre-ordered via Amazon CAN | US.

Sword Art Online: Progressive is also two licenses, the manga and the light novel versions of the same name. The title is “a retelling and expansion on the events that took place during Sword Art Online: Aincrad“. Volume one of the manga version is scheduled for January 2015, and is currently available to order via Amazon CAN | US.

Secret is a new title from the creator of JUDGE and Doubt, bringing English readers more creepy imagery of people in bloody bunny headgear:

“These are the ominous words given to the six survivors of a tragic bus accident, followed by an ultimatum. Within one week, the three murderers must anguish over their crimes and find some way to answer for them, or the evidence of their sins will be given to the police. But when every person has a secret, who can you trust…?”

The first volume of Secret is scheduled for January 2015 and is also available to order via Amazon CAN | US.

Along with the four new titles, Yen Press also noted that new volumes of both Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II are on the way. Since announcing their acquisition of the Kingdom Hearts series, Yen Press has released new editions of all previously published material by Tokyopop. This is first time the new content will be released in English, which we’re told will be late 2014.

Yen Press Makes Their Own Impact With Light Novels, Sword Art Online and New Madoka Magica Manga at Japan Expo

Yen Press Announces Light Novels, New Madoka Magica Manga at Japan Expo

Word is that the new North American convention, Japan Expo: First Impact, is off to a slow start but at least one company – Yen Press – gave it the benefit of the doubt by saving some licenses to announce:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story – Magica Quartet/Hanokage
Sword Art Online Aincrad – Tamako Nakamura
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance – Tsubasa Hazuki

If these three titles look familiar, it’s because they’re all connected to recent popular anime franchises. You can currently watch the original Puella Magi Madoka Magica series on Crunchyroll, as well Sword Art Online.

PMMM: The Different Story is a spin-off of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and follows two of the characters, Tomoe Mami & Sakura Kyouko, in their own magical girl story. This three volume series is drawn by the same artist as the PMMM manga (read my review of volume one) and stars two of the original main characters. I’m hoping that equates to me enjoying it more than the recent Puella Magi Kazumi Magica – The Innocent Malice, which you can read my review for.

Sword Art Online Aincrad is the manga adaptation of the series, which was originally adapted from a light novel prior to getting an anime (more on that a few lines down!). The story follows some of 10 000 players trapped in a new virtual reality game where winning is the only way to survive and death there means death in the real world. Sword Art Online Fairy Dance is a sequel and continues the story of its leads trying to best the game’s hundred levels. This is the first time either artist has had a work released in English.

That wasn’t all at Japan Expo though. Yen Press surprised, and hopefully pleased, many readers by announcing two light novel series:

Accel World – Reki Kawahara/HIMA
Sword Art Online – Reki Kawahara/abec

Few publishers have been willing to take risks on light novels – which are niches in niches – but it seems Yen Press’s results with some of their previous light novels, including Haruhi Suzumiya and Spice & Wolf, has kept up the faith. Remember, readers, if you want them, then you have to support them!

Credit for news details goes ANN

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