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Rush Seeks New Home

Someone please find us a new home!

Taking this moment to send some pluggage to Tina Anderson’s recent site post, where she states that the Rush team have finally come to the end of their patience with DramaQueen and are now actively seeking a new publisher.

As a quick recap, DramaQueen hasn’t put out any of their scheduled books in over a year nor have they given fans any answers on the future of the books or remaining licenses. This also includes subscriptions for the Rush series, which have now left many people $30 poorer and with no books to show for it (and just as few answers). Essentially it’s a publisher death that many are just waiting to hear the final call for. Sad, but I think it’s fair to say us readers are more than done waiting for DQ as well! Even if we do really want to get a hold of some of their series…

Back to the subject at hand: As someone who awaited the preview issue of Rush eagerly, and enjoyed the pretty artwork and diverse nature of it when it came out, I hope that the artists and writers of Rush are able to find a publisher who will continue on with the anthology. Good luck to you, Rush team! Make sure you tell us fans the moment we can throw pre-orders at you for the next issue.

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3 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for a word on this. We've all felt very let down by the whole DQ situation, especially our editor. There's still no word on from anyone at DQ about payment, printing, or our own inquiries about RUSH–not even our editor can get a call back.

    It's frustrating.

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