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Where’s the Rush?: Kickstarter for Laura Carboni’s Roulette

Roulette - Kickstarter

Kickstarters have really taken off in recent months with creators and organizations using the crowd-sourcing service to collect the funds they need to get projects off the ground that wouldn’t otherwise be funded. I still hold my reservations towards companies using the service but I’m glad it’s worked out so well for creators getting their original works out to a wanting audience.

Just such a project has been started for Roulette, an original boys’ love style story written by Tina Anderson (Loud Snow) and drawn by Laura Carboni (Love Circles). Laura is looking to raised enough money to fund the completion and print of the book, which will be 255 pages long. Via Kickstarter’s often-used reward system, you can also get a number of extra goodies depending on how much you pledge.

“Mafia accountant Riley Leary finds himself blackmailed by an unseen party when he’s caught stealing from his boss. To make matters worse, he garnishes the interest of the dangerous hit man, Anton Colletti. Will Riley manage to get things right, or will Anton make things go from bad to worse?” (Read a preview chapter)

For those who aren’t familiar with Roulette, it was originally published in Rush, an anthology of boys’ love stories by creators around the world and published in print by Dramaqueen. When the company ceased production, so too did Rush come to an end after only a couple issues. There had been problems with DQ and it’s handling of the project practically since the get-go with subscribers and creators alike left wondering where their dues were. As someone who subscribed to the anthology, I was among those both disappointed and rather miffed when the plug was suddenly pulled. It’s unfortunate when projects like this don’t work out.

If curious about the other creators who contributed to Rush, you can see what they’re up to today via the links below (or under the cut if you’re on the main page!):

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Swag Bag: Gender, Drama and Baseball

Swag Bag

Another week gone by and another stack of lovely new books to read! Lately I’ve been reading a lot of older titles since my haul at Animaritime but this week’s new titles definitely put up a huge fight for my attention (and who am I kidding, they won!).

First up was  the new volume of Black Butler (Vol. 06) from Yen Press. Knowing that the whole curry fiasco is behind us and another mystery is afoot had me extra eager for this book. I was not disappointed! This series is worth  buying for the art alone – such gorgeous Victorian outfits ranging from the wonderful to just plain weird. Throw in some detective work and sexual tension between pretty people and it’s an easy sell.

Much less in-your-face about its charms is the fourth volume of Cross Game. I’ve completely fallen in love with this series – I love the baseball games, the characters, the romance – it’s all good! It’s so relaxing, the kind of book you just want to curl up in bed with and not put down until you’re done. Plus I think I join the many in-story characters who have a crush on Aoba.

Adding two more volume sixes to go with Black Butler, I also bought Rin-Ne (Vol. 06) and Time & Again (Vol. 06). Both are series I have hesitations buying because the volumes have been hit or miss since the beginning. All the same, this is the final volume of Time & Again so I had to pick it up to see how things fare between the leads. Rin-Ne I buy consistently because when it’s good I really enjoy it, the kind of entertainment only Rumiko Takahashi can offer.

Speaking of hit or miss, two books came in the mail this week from DramaQueen – Missing Road and JUNK!. With three books now under their belt since their ‘comeback’ began, I’m ready to give them another chance and take a look at the new offerings. First impressions say the quality of the publishing itself is great but will the content itself hold up?

Wandering Son (Vol. 01)The big purchase this week was undoubtedly Wandering Son (Vol. 01), however. I’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting (patiently you see) for this book since it was announced. With this description, how could I not?

“The fifth grade. The threshold to puberty, and the beginning of the end of childhood innocence. Shuichi Nitori and his new friend Yoshino Takatsuki have happy homes, loving families, and are well-liked by their classmates, but they share a secret that further complicates a time of life that is awkward for anyone: Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy.”

The book has since been showered with praise and rightfully so for what it is. I absolutely loved reading it and will hopefully have a review done soon to highlight why. As a first impressions note, it’s another hardcover release from Fantagraphics so on publication quality alone you really get your money’s worth.

What was in your swag bag this week?

PR: DramaQueen Celebrates 6 Years with Release of JUNK!

DramaQueen Celebrates Six Years of Manga with the Release of JUNK! by Shushushu Sakurai

HOUSTON, TEXAS – May 26, 2011. DramaQueen, LLC is celebrating our six years of independent manga and manhwa publishing with the release of our second title from the beloved cult manga-ka, Shushushu Sakurai, JUNK!

Summary: Free Agent Junk is the sole survivor of a nuclear attack, and it’s a closely-guarded secret how he managed to escape alive. Junk’s current mission is to rendezvous with the mysterious criminal “X,” who has been sending Junk messages lately. X wants Junk’s help to meet the Reverend Nagil, leader of a heretical religious sect; but Junk suspects that X has hidden motives for this meeting. Can Junk expose X’s secrets in time before his “true mission” is jeopardized?

Confirmed street date is June 1, 2011. Customers can now order the book at the DQ Shop:

Please email all inquiries to:

Super Savings: Loonie Manga Deals at

Loonie Manga Deals at

Amazon always has some of the best pricing for purchasing books online and occasionally even manga gets the extra special discount treatment, such as’s Loonie Deals. I was spelunking through the discounted section today and found some manga titles sitting there at some ‘get ’em while you can’ prices:

Steal Moon (Vol. 02) (BL)
$11.36 (CAN) – 31% OFF

Devil Within (Vol. 02)
$9.03 – 40% OFF

Lover’s Pledge (BL)
$9.35 (CAN) – 43% OFF

Love Master A (Vol. 01)
$7.45 (CAN) – 50% OFF

Venus Versus Virus Omnibus (Vol. 01)
$7.04 (CAN) – 59% OFF

A-I Revolution (Vol. 04)
$3.85 (CAN) – 74% OFF

Inukami Omnibus (Vol. 01)
$11.72 (CAN) – 37% OFF

IDOL Pleasures
$9.77 (CAN) – 41% OFF

A-I Revolution (Vol. 01)
$8.17 (CAN) – 45% OFF

King of the Lamp (Vol. 01)
$6.57 (CAN) – 56% OFF

Your Honest Deceit (Vol. 02) (BL)
$5.13 (CAN) – 68% OFF

What’s most interesting and worth a look about these titles is the majority are out of print series. Several of from the now-defunct Go!Comi, and there’s a boys’ love title from DramaQueen. Newer titles are the two omnibus collections from Seven Seas and offer a great value for some huge books with hefty page counts!

Yaoi Submissions, Schedules and a Staggering Zombie

Boys' Love Snippets

Some boys’ love news snippets today with submission closures, convention schedules and an undead publisher still looking to make a return:

Yaoi Press has recently updated their info page to inform propestive creators that their submissions are currently closed. This is a uncommon state for Yaoi Press which has spent the majority of its time open to new stories by writers and artists. The page does however offer up an honest and open look at why their submissions are currently closed and assurance that they still have previously submitted works on file.

Word has been circulating for a while about Digital Manga’s big yaoi title announcement, promising many happy fans, and that they’ll be making said-announcement at the upcoming Yaoi Con. Today Digital Manga has posted their Yaoi Con schedule including their industry panel and signing times for special guest, Makoto Tateno (see art above).

Digital Manga has also sent out a press release about signed and framed Makoto Tateno artwork which will be available for sale both at Yaoi Con and on their online shop, Akadot.

And lastly, in an odder turn of events, DramaQueen has updated its online shop to showcase what they’re calling a “Rebirth Sale”, offering up several of their back issue books for cheaper prices along with a message that suggests they’re still working on the comeback that they’ve promised for so long. Hmm… sounds sort of familiar.

I won’t beat the proverbial horse on this one but suffice to say DramaQueen hasn’t done anything to win readers’ sympathy or support in the past two years but I suppose it’ll still be interesting to see if they ever do release another book. Still, as much as I’m all for supporting the industry, it’s my honest opinion that shoppers should stay away from ordering through DramaQueen’s online website. The risk is simply too high that prospective buyers will only join the line of people still waiting for DQ to pay their dues.

Old Favourites Return For New Digital Manga Titles on Amazon

New From Digital Manga in April 2010 brings us a handful of new boys’ love titles this Tuesday from yaoi-behemoth, Digital Manga. All these titles are from artists that readers will likely recognize from previous releases.

Drunken Love – Haruka Minami
(801Media, artist of My Paranoid Next Door Neighbour)

Mamiya Doll House – Kazuhiko Mishima
(June, artist of You Make My Head Spin)

Intense Rain – Shinri Fuwa
(June, artist of A Gentleman’s Kiss)

Alice the 101st – Chigusa Kawai
(June, artist of La Esperanca)

How To Control A Sidebar – Makoto Tateno
(June, spin-off of How To Capture A Martini, artist of Yellow and Steal Moon)

As with all Amazon listings, no series or releases are official until confirmed by the publishers themselves. While Digital Manga cannot confirm the licensing of these series, they did let me know that their big Yaoi Con license announcement is still under wraps and awaiting the eager ears of convention attendees. In the meantime there’s been lots of speculation on forums and blogs on what the title(s) will be, including potential license rescues from the yet-to-be-officially-bankrupt DramaQueen to the recently confirmed shutdown BeBeautiful.

For now fingers crossed we have these titles to look forward to, a great array of returning artists for some new works. I know I for one am really excited for another Chigusa Kawai title after a great finale to her previously June-released series, La Esperanca.

And remember boys’ love fans still have plenty to look forward to during Yaoi Con at the end of the month! Any titles you’ve got your hopes on?

Del Rey With Kodansha Listings, Digital Manga Picks Up DQ License

Makoto Tateno's Premonition, Yotsuba and Akira

Some note-worthy new listings popped up on Amazon over the week and this time one of them even comes with a confirmation from the company.

Two new Digital Manga listings of interest: one is for another omnibus edition of a previously released series of theirs, this time Hinako Takanaga’s fantastically charming Little Butterfly (big recommendations from me on this one!). This joins the already confirmed omnibus for Makoto Tateno’s Yellow.

Speaking of whom, Makoto Tateno’s boys’ love series Yokan is now listed on Amazon from Digital Manga under the name Preminition. Some yaoi fans may recall this title as having been previously licensed by the now defunk DramaQueen (under the title Omen). Word is that several of DQ’s licenses have begun to expire after years of no releases, which means there’s a likely possibility for more license rescues in the coming future. Preminition, along with a couple other newer licenses, are now listed on Digital Manga’s website.

Other Amazon finds of interest includes two editions of Yen Press’s upcoming first volume release of Soul Eater, one of which apparently coming with a presumably-snazzy slipcover. Extra attention for a series with a big fan base? Speaking of big fan-base (which should be bigger still!), Yen Press will be releasing not one, not two but six volumes of Yotsuba&! this September!

And lastly, though my Twitter followers heard this from me a couple days ago, listings for Akira by Kodansha Comics (previously reported as one of the most solid pieces of Kodansa-related news the English manga world has gotten so far) are now all being listed as the following: Akira Volume # (Akira (del Rey)).

This isn’t the first time I’ve noted overlap in publishing credits between Kodansha Comics and Del Rey, who already has a close connection with the company and releases their titles predominantly. Of course this could just be a slip-up on Amazon’s part, though some other retail sites have the publisher for Kodansha Comic’s rereleases of Akira and Ghost in the Shell listed as Random House (of which Del Rey is an imprint of). Is Del Rey merely helping Kodansha find footing in North America? Or could Kodansha Comics show up as another Random House imprint as a more all-inclusive joint agreement for manga releases? Time will (we hope) tell for sure!

DramaQueen’s Drama, Yaoi Press Year End

A few recent boys’ love events of note:

 The drama over at Drama Queen’s forums continues with fans up in arms over their continued disorganization, misinformation and the latest in a string of broken promises. Some intelligent comments are made about DQ’s consistent failure as a business and I’m certainly enclined to agree. It’s been a long, sad road and DQ’s possible return no longer looks optimistic as much as it just shows how easily a so-called company can mess with its dedicated fans, not to mention contributers. For shame, DramaQueen.

And after failing to deliver on promised release dates for Tyrant Who Falls in Love twice, LadyQ on the forums pulls out a very familiar excuse:

“OK – DON’T PANIC! Tyrant is on it’s way – there’s a minor problem on our printing (nothing major!) so we’re working on it to get it printed asap.

Please know that Tyrant will be out – we will not be able to make it for Christmas delivery – but we’re shooting for January. I know how you all must feel, but please know that this time, it was not within our control when the problem arose ><! “

Maybe you should just, I don’t know… wait until you actually have something before you promise it to people?

On a much more positive note, Yamila has posted her end of the year report for Yaoi Press. They’re obviously feeling the current economic crunch but remain optimistic about things to come. One of their upcoming changes is the format of their books which will have higher page counts and larger trim sizes. It’s a good read for both fans of their releases and as a view of how one of the few consistant publishers in these rocky times is getting by.

Over at her blog, Tina Anderson makes some suggestions for some global BL reading for the holiday vacation. There’re some great titles on the list so check it out if you’re looking for some good reads that are refreshingly different from your usual yaoi fare.

And finally, in referrence to the appearance of In God’s Arms on Amazon (slated for a July 2009 release), a fan has been circulating an e-mail they recieved from Seven Seas telling them that the license for the boys’ love book by Nekota Yonezou had indeed been lost. While this doesn’t come as a surprise, and it’s more likely Amazon just regurgitated the listing, wouldn’t it be a much nicer thought that a license lost could infact now be a license found?

Shut Downs, Slow Downs and Possible Start Up

Brocolli Books

Doesn’t it always seem like lots of stuff goes on and e-mail boxes get flooded on the few days you’re out of town? Darn irony! So upon my arrival home from an entertaining anime & manga presentation I helped run for Teen Read Week in Halifax, I came across several different things so it’s short round-up time!

Biggest manga news in recent days is undoubtably the announced shutdown of Brocolli Books USA International. While not a big fan of the publisher myself, it can’t be denied that they had some popular titles and a good reputation of quality. I first heard of Brocoll’s shutdown thanks to Gia who was quick to learn of the news. Since then ICv2 has recieved confirmation of the shutdown and more information was shared with the public through Brocolli Books’ production blog.

Yaoi Press’s Twitter reminds those waiting for some of DMP’s December releases that they’ve been pushed back until sometime in 2009, including Vampire Hunter D (Vol. 03) and Kabuki (Vol. 02). The full list can read from ANN’s post this past October.

 On a potentially more positive note, another post over on the DramaQueen forums had this to say:

“Tyrant QC is done so next phase is printing!!! OK – we will be updating the website with pre-order for weekend after Thanks Giving – that would be Nov. 29th that Saturday.

We are timing the pre-order as close to the time we get the books in-house from our beloved printers. So there might be a 2 week lag from pre-orders to shipping date. Just wanted to let everyone know in advance!”

As usual, we shall see…

Also, at BLU would like to remind readers to stop asking about Love Pistols (Vol. 06). It hasn’t yet been released in Japan so harassing them about it won’t make it available in English any faster. Even I’ve recieved e-mails asking about it so I can only imagine what their e-mail boxes must look like. Please be courteous and do your research before you make an inquiry :)

And finally on a great note if it turns out to be true, Danielle over at Comics Should Be Good! is spreading the word that it looks like Viz may have picked up the license to Fumi Yoshinaga’s Ooku. Edit: And ANN continues this news with a bunch of other titles as well!

Review: The Judged

Manga-ka: Akira Honma
Publisher: DramaQueen
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: July 2006

Synopsis: “A leak to a legal office makes a case for government corruption. It is now the job of public prosecutor Kyou Sugiura to investigate Tatsuki Toudou, an arrogant politician riding on the coattails of his daddy’s success. But Toudou may be more clever than his sexually abusive, adoptive father was. He uses manipulation after manipulation to exact revenge against Kyou for that time, long ago, when the two boys shared an intimate bond… which Kyou betrayed.”

For those who follow the reviews on my site, it’s safe to say that I tend to give books positive reviews over negative ones. A simple reason for this is that I buy what I really want thus more often than not tend to like what I buy. In the instance of The Judged, I purchased it based on the manga-ka, Akira Honma, whose work I enjoyed in their other book published by DramaQueen: Last Portrait. Well, despite my purchase under inspired pretences, the series fell very short of expectation.

Read more…

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