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TP’s Summer 2009 on Amazon

During my Amazon sifting today, I came across a bunch of new Tokyopop listings for summer 2009, including some (to my knowledge) new licenses that haven’t been announced and some titles that had been fear cancelled but have several future volumes to look forward to.

New Tokyopop licenses, some with more info than others: 

KimiKiss (Vol. 01)

takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil (Vol. 01)
Nakashima Kazuki

Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho
Moyamu Fujino

Future Diary: Mirai Nikki (Vol. 01)
Esuno Sakae (?)

Game X Rush (Vol. 01)
Kusanagi Mizuho

Gorgeous Carat L’Esperanza
You Higuri

Hoshi no Witch: The Witch in the Artemis (Vol. 01)
Hara Yui (?)

Uwasa no Futari (BLU)
Matsumoto Temari

Takeru and Uwasa no Futari

A notable title is You Higuri’s Gorgeous Carat L’Esperanza, which I’ve never heard of but would assume, if the listing is correct, is another spin-off of their Gorgeous Carat series, one of which was published by Digital Manga and the other by Tokyopop’s BLU line-up. This Gorgeous Carat title is listed under Tokyopop but may be intended to be a BLU title, I can’t say for sure. The BLU title Uwasa no Futari is also a spin-off, this one to a previously licensed series, Bokura no Unsei.

Previously announced titles that have now been given summer 2009 listings include Asu no Yoichi (Vol. 01) and Gakuen Heaven: Nakajima, a boys’ love title published under the BLU imprint. I was also thrilled to see some favourites of mine, such as Petshop of Horrors Tokyo and Silver Diamond both seem to be scheduled for continuation (listed up to five volumes for both), but other series I’ve enjoyed such as Good Witch of the West don’t have listings past January.

Only listings on Amazon right now, so take it all with a grain of salt. but still nice to see some semi-concrete signs of Tokyopop’s steady chugging forward after some messy restructuring. You can check out all these Tokyopop listings and lots more through this link.

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