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More on Amazon, Remove List Continues to Predict

More from Amazon.ca today, this time with the majority coming from Tokyopop. Usual disclaimer: Until officially announced by companies, all listed here remain speculation only.

Mad Love ChaseMikansei No. 1 (Vol. 01) – Majiko!

Maria Holic (Vol. 01) – Endo Minari
By the artist of Tokyopop’s currently released series, Dazzle.

Mad Love Chase (Vol. 01) – Kazusa Takashima
With the original title Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made, Made Love Chase is a five-volume shoujo series by the boys’ love famed artist known for her popular series Wild Rock and Man’s Best Friend (both published under Tokyopop’s BLU imprint). Undoubtedly my favourite find of the day :)

And anyone remember my post back in October 2008, License Fortune Telling… But Not Really? Well as of today that list of crossed out licenses has gotten six titles shorter. Only a few left on there now that have yet to be announced or spotted as listings (which remember are not 100% definitive). Titles now crossed off:

.hack//Alcor – Kanami Amou
Ashita no Yoichi – Minamoto Yuu
Harlem Beat wa Toaki Made – Kazusa Takashima
Haru Hana – Kazumi Yuana
Karakuri Odette – Suzuki Julietta
Metal Heart – Yoon Jae Ho

Other listings of interest that popped up today were one for Tokyopop’s recently announced Domo manga project, which looks to have Clint Bickham, one of Tokyopop’s previous winners of the Rising Stars of Manga competition, as atleast one of its artists. Del Rey’s upcoming OEL adaptation of Bakugan Brawlers has Kriss Sison listed as illustator.

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  1. gojyogrl says:

    Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made?!?!?

    *swoon* Tokyopop, this makes up for a lot.

  2. hnnn not really. TP have a looooong way to go before they've got my respect and cash back.

    These days im more inclined to stick with scanlations, since you never know when TP are going to pull the plug on another new series.

    I went through my titles the other day, and reckon i've got close to £200 worth of TP titles that were scrapped with no warning (not including the cursed sword insanity)

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