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Review: Fate/Stay Night (Vol. 01)

Author: Nishiwaki Dat
Manga-ka: Type-Moon
Publisher: Tokyopop
Rating: Older Teen (16+)
Released: October 2008

“When he was little, high school student and amateur mechanic Shirou Emiya was adopted by a magus man. Now he wants nothing more than to follow in his stepfather’s footsteps and become a hero of justice. Little does he know that a war is waging among some chosen magi, and that he is about to become its focal point…”

There was a time when all I knew of the Fate series were the pretty pictures. And, of course, I loved those pretty pictures. Within the last year I had the chance to play through the game. All three routes and the Tiger Dojos too! The story was absolutely amazing. I loved pretty well every moment of it, with the exception of a certain selection of scenes. After I’d played the game inside and out, I sat down to watch the anime. Though it didn’t follow my favorite of the three routes, I still loved just about everything about the anime. So of course, when I finally found the manga on the shelf at my local bookstore, I had to pick it up.

And I still love it.

Fate/stay night is a series about magic, and, more specifically, the Holy Grail Wars. Whenever the Holy Grail War is going to start, seven Masters summon seven Servants to fight for the right to obtain the Holy Grail, so that their wish can be granted.

Masters are powerful magic users called Magus. Servants are Epic Heros from the past. Each of them have a wish that they want granted, which is why the Servants answer to the summoning of the Master.

Shirou Emiya, our main character, is not a strong magus. He was saved as a child from a horrific fire that killed many, and the man that saved him adopted him. Kiritsugu Emiya became Shirou’s father and mentor, as he himself was a Magus. Later, Kiritsugu died and Shirou lived on with the wish to become a hero for others like his father had been for him.

Through this book, he dies once, almost dies a second time, and unwittingly summons his own Servant, Saber. And at the end of this volume, we are left with an alarming cliffhanger that leaves one wishing sorely to see what happens next.

I absolutely cannot wait for the second volume, and will be sure to pick it up the moment I am able. The artwork is by no means the best I’ve ever seen, but it is consistant and still beautiful, and most panels have some kind of background that isn’t just a tone. A lot of love went into this book, and it’s certainly going to get a lot of love in return!

Review written November 13, 2008 by Gizmo.
Book purchased in-store from Chapters

Shevaun Morrison

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