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Review: Higurashi When They Cry (Vol. 01)

Author: Ryukishi07
Manga-ka: Karin Suzuragi
Publisher: Yen
Rating: Older Teen (16+)
Released: November 2008

Synopsis: “Keiichi has just moved to a seemingly peaceful new town. He’s making friends and enjoying his life until one day he learns of a grisly murder that took place in the little village. His friends won’t give him any details which only adds to Keiichi’s uneasiness. After learning at the town’s annual festival that a death has occurred on that night every year for the past four years, Keiichi is drawn into a web of intrigue…”

This is probably one of the more interesting series that I’ve happened across. I’ve had this volume in my possession for a while but I just haven’t known how to approach writing a review for it. It isn’t a result of not enjoying the series. Quite the contrary! I actually am very fond of Higurashi. It’s another of those series where I had seen pictures of it before I ever knew it existed. I wasn’t really sure what to think until I actually got the opportunity to read it.

We read the story of Keiichi Maebara, a teenager who’s moved into a sleepy little town where the school is so small, it only has one room. The beginning of the volume screams of hilarious school shenanigans and potential romantic mischief. That is, until Keiichi is told about strange murders and suspicious past of the town. He begins to question everything around him, and notice just how strange his new friends act if he brings up any of it.

The pacing of the story can be a little iffy at times, but it does all flow together fairly well as the story progresses. The art remains beautifully consistent and really adds to the telling of the story. The flow between the hilarious and adorable scenes actually stitches together almost seamlessly with less savory plot points. One thing I have to say for sure, I absolutely love the eyes when things get creepy.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the way that this arc of the series is progressing. It has caught my interest and I am looking forward to seeing what happens as Keiichi unravels the mysteries of the village.

Review written January 12, 2008 by Gizmo.
Book provided by Yen Press for review purposes

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