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Doki Doki Website Goes Live, Books Arrive with Promo

Doki Doki

A press release from Digital Manga today marks the opening of their new website for the upcoming imprint, Doki Doki. The Doki Doki line-up is described as their ” “Gateway from Shojo to Yaoi,” with stories varying between shojo and shonen-ai to yaoi, and will be for ages anywhere from 13+ to 18+. “

I don’t find this new website as sleek as their Digital Manga corporate site but certainly a much cuter and organized step-up from older imprint sites. Shame some of the randomized title graphics are pixelated though (the graphic artist in me can’t help but be nagged!).

Admittedly while I do see the appeal of multiple websites for multiple imprints, I do find the multiple forums a bit of a shame. Personally I’d like to see one Digital Manga forum with sections for their individual imprints, bringing together their communities as a whole instead of leaving fans of them all hopping forum to forum.

This new website as also gets me thinking about the look that the Doki Doki books themselves will have. As some may recall, Digital Manga recently revealed the cover designs that their future releases under the original DMP imprint will be having. Both the June and 801Media imprints’ have their own consistant visual designs and differing cut sizes. I can’t recall if this was previously established for Doki Doki books already. The larger cut size of June or the smaller size of 801Media? Dust jackets or no dust jackets? Though with recent removal of said dust-jackets from their June and 801Media books, I’m inclined to believe Doki Doki won’t be starting out with them (no complaints from me though!).

Edit: Information on DokiDoki’s website tells us that the books will be the same size as their June and DMP line-ups (5.875″ x 8.25″) and will have no dust jackets. They will also carry the same price tag of $12.95/US.

But wait, there’s more! Going back to the original press release that brought about this post, Digital Manga staffers would also like to share news of their promotion for Doki Doki’s launch. When purchasing the books through their website, Akadot Retail, and (as I understand it) registering for their Doki Doki newsletter, you’ll recieve a special a print of the original artist’s page from the particular book you’ve purchased (first come, first serve). The two books launching the imprint are Eiki Eiki’s Train Train And Mikiyo Tsuda’s Princess Princess Plus (both of which being my biggest excitement-factors regarding this new imprint!).

While the promos are a neat add-on, it’s the books themselves that I can’t wait to get my hands on. More Mikiyo Tsuda and Eiki Eiki books are good any day, any time! Looking forward to it, Doki Doki :)

For your viewing convenience, you can read the full press release here.

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  1. Yaoi Press says:

    I hope they have better luck with young adult than we did.

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