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Welcome Back Internet, Del Rey Goodies on Amazon

DelRey Manga

Eep, where has the time gone?! Oh right, I lost it in the obscurity of an internet-less world for two weeks moving into a new apartment. But now I return! Apologies for that little gap in updates, the first in two years and hopefully (if possibly?) the last. Lots of spiffy stuff has happened in the past week, including Tokyopop’s second webinar, news of Kodansha’s cutting ties with them and a variety of other goodies that always make Brigid of MangaBlog a mangaverse blessing.

I already made a quick post to appease the eager fans of Chi’s Sweet Home, to the later disappointment of Vertical’s denial of license, but that wasn’t all Amazon had to offer my return to the internet. It likely goes without saying that my Amazon posts are consistently the most visited on my site so I suppose it works out that my first posts after a (albeit short) vacation, cater to those fan-wants.

Del Rey was the company with a bunch of new updates on this week. The first interesting find was a new license listing for Ikeda Miyoko and Kikuto Michiyo’s Yokai Navi Runa, a multi-volume story about a bracelet and a girl and boy who turn into a cat and an owl. That’s the extent of my understanding so fans of the series please feel free to elaborate.

More interesting than this to me however, was a few listings for what looks like upcoming Del Rey omnibi for currently running series. Hell Girl volumes 7-9 are listed as one book of 624 pages, as are volumes 8-10 of Mushishi, volumes 6-7 of Psycho Busters and volumes 3-5 of Orange Planet. All are series Del Rey is currently publishing one volume at a time.

With several manga companies requiring some belt-tightening to keep things financially doable, it’s nice to see a company take an alternative route to series cancellation. 624 pages is pretty hefty but fans of both series will undoubtedly be thrilled to recieve so much in one go. On top of that, both books are listed at $24.99, only ten dollars more than one individual volume. Good deal!

Other new listings of note are Del Rey’s books based on the movie based on the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The two books, Avatar The Last Airbender and The Last Airbender were announced in detail at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    My wallet says "yay" at the price of the omnibi, but the OCD part of me wishes they'd just print singles so everything looks nice on the shelf together….

    • Lissa says:

      I can certainly understand your sentiments there. Hopefully the omnibi will still have consistent spine designs as the previous single volumes so only the size is really noticeably different.

  2. Brigid says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Lissa! I'm glad you're back.

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  4. Kate says:

    I feel conflicted. I'm glad that the rest of Mushishi is finally going to come out, and the price point is nice, I just wish that it was/had been selling better. (Dare I hope for color pages to replace the covers we aren't geting? Too much?) I'm also worried about Pumpkin Scissors, of which volume 6 apparently isn't listed until October of next year. I'm told it's up to volume 11 in Japan. =( Better late and in omnibus than canceled… still somewhat depressing.

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