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Review: Zombie Loan (Vol. 05)

Zombie Loan (Vol. 05) – Peach-Pit
Published by Yen Press

Here we have another installment in an interesting series, Zombie Loan. Though, as much as I have been enjoying the story, occasionally I have to take a minute to really look at the art. I do honestly enjoy the style of the series, but sometimes it’s a little inconsistent and the faces can become lopsided. Overall, though, it does seem far more balanced than the previous volume.

As for the story itself, our heroes have found where their friend and companion Shito is being held and have, of course, started busting zombie heads to go in and valiantly rescue him. Chika is his usual self when it comes to facing Shito, and though he does help his partner out, he does a half-assed job of it that is somehow his way of showing affection. Though the group does manage to find victory against the most recent enemy, Yoshizumi, it does end on a sad note.

While the members of Z-Loan celebrate with drinks and karaoke, we are given the chance to see a little bit more about just what Bekkou does. Remembering his true job as a ferryman, it’s actually quite interesting to see him interact with his coworkers. Not only does the plot thicken as they meet to speak about the recent surge of illegal zombies, but at the very end of the volume a surprising twist is given that is sure to give Michiru and the rest of Z-Loan crew trouble for the next volume!

Review written April 13, 2009 by Gizmo
Book provided by Yen Press for review purposes

Shevaun Morrison

About the Author:

Shev considers herself easily distracted, and usually rather excitable. She doesn't really have a favorite type of anime or manga but will read or watch just about anything. Although she does have a tendency to like things that are extra shiny And/or have a punk/gothic look to it. Shevaun's a role-play nerd, and loves RPG video games too.

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