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Yen Press Presents The Clique In Manga-Style

The Clique - Manga Style

Yishan Li, established manga-inspired artist, has posted on her website the cover for an upcoming adaption of the bestselling teen girl novel, The Clique. Yen Press will be publishing the manga-style adaptation “mid next year” and Yishan Li is the artist commissioned for the book which stars five girls in junior high who form the schools “A-List Clique.”

A listing for this adaptation of The Clique originally appeared on Amazon early in the year but was retracted by request of the company until the work’s publication was finalized.

Like Yen Press’s Maximum Ride, and the upcoming adaptation of Twilight, the original Clique novels, written by Lisi Harrison, are published under an imprint of Hachette, the parent company of Yen Press.

09/17 Edit: Yen Press has now issued a press release officially announcing their Clique manga project with Yishan Li.

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7 Responses

  1. Althalus says:

    Oooh… Yishan Li. Very interested in this. I've been reading the series she's published in France (see links below) and they were quite good.….

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  5. gia says:

    I can't find this on Yishan's site anywhere : There IS "Liberty Vocational," which will be a Del Rey title, but I don't see the Clique…I wonder if it was taken down?

    • Lissa says:

      Looks like that's the case. The link I provided in my post originally lead directly to the page about Clique but now leads to the Current Project index page. I imagine it'll pop back up since Yen Press has made an official press release about it, though may not include the cover art as it did before.

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