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Review: Incubus Master (Part Three)

Reviewer: Lissa Pattillo
Incubus Master - Part Three
Available Now @ YaoiProse

Author: Yamila Abraham
Illustrator: Barbara Apostolico/KOSEN
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: January 19, 2010

Format: Downloadable eBook

Synopsis: “Jinady starts to lower his guard with his mismatched group of rescuers. He’s even beginning to have his opinion toward incubi change due to the noble demon Figaru. He doesn’t pay as much attention to the other demon with them: the crass incubus Scor. Scor has noticed Jinady, however. He thinks the boy is too pretty not to have a taste of during their journey.”

The recently freed Jinady continues his journey to a safe haven along with the group who rescued him. Things are a little slow going in this chapter on the event-scale but it means more time for getting to know the characters – or at least them getting to know each other. The gruff Scor calls Jinady out for a midnight-rendezvous and Figaru finds incubus-relief with a passing demoness – but the real going-ons are between Jinady and Figaru whose budding attraction begins to take shape.

Impressively since the start, each instalment of Incubus Master has also managed a different sex scene than the one before it. This means that those eager for the steamier parts won’t be disappointed with each new chapter, nor will they be bored by repetitiveness. Part one was a little rough, part two was very consensual and part three sticks with foreplay. The only real consistency is in knowing that the sex is inevitably coming and it works in the story’s favour. While it does hamper a natural sense of flow to the writing, it’s still a good choice for the chapters being released as they are in portions.

In part two I really enjoyed the subtle attraction growing between the recently freed Jinady and the incubus, Figaru. This attraction doubles its speed here in part three. At first it feels a little sudden, too rushed for a pair readers are consistently reminded are hesitance to love again, so to speak. Though it feels a little unnatural while reading through, the end of the story makes general amends by shedding light on the more practical reasoning behind Figaru’s reluctance to take just any human lover. It really is just as much for his lover’s good as his own.

It’s also interesting seeing that Figaru and Jinady aren’t just falling into each other’s arms. Though it’s obviously where the story wants to go, it’s still generally taking its time. In these chapters Jinady gets serviced by none other than the rather-intimidating Scor after an evening of stimulating dreams staring the more placid Figaru. In this he learns more about the incubus and what it takes to satisfy them – which entirely to his benefit is pretty satisfying for their partners as well.

As with the previous releases, part three of Incubus Master comes with a full colour illustration embedded with the text. This one is the most eye-catching and polished to date. The line art is crisp and the colouring colourful and professional. As those before it, the image is for adults only, matching the story itself, so pornographic connoisseurs shouldn’t be disappointed.

Personally I’d still like to see simple profile sketches and accompanying profiles on the YaoiProse website, but it’s a minor quip. The story does a decent job establishing each character but as a more light-novel experience it just doesn’t have as much time to drive them home in the mind’s readers as something more lengthy and substantial could achieve.

Part three of Incubus Master continues the intriguing story that began in part one but it doesn’t feel it can hold up in this lull period for long. While still interesting to a point, the follow-ups have fallen a little flat after the intensity of the opening chapter. Though still good, they lack the oomph that proceeded them. Hopefully future instalments will again find that balance of emotion and vigour as they utilize the strong elements they’ve set in place.

Review written January 20, 2010 by Lissa Pattillo
Complimentary digital copy provided by Yaoi Press

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