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Hello, site visitors! Some of you have noticed that since Kuriousity’s recent face lift, Boys-Luv.com – Kuriousity’s boys’ love exclusive partner-site – was no longer operating as normal. Part of the reason a little revamp of Kuriousity was done was to accommodate some recent software changes. Unfortunately those changes also broke Boys-Luv.com.

Because all the same content remains available here at Kuriousity, I’ve decided to shutdown Boys-Luv.com, at least for the time being (who knows what the future may bring!). All older posts from Boys-Lov can still be accessed via our archives, and any old links will automatically redirect to their Kuriousity equivalent.

For those who would like to continue reading only the boys’ love related posts, they are available via the Boys’ Love/Yaoi tag and can be subscribed to via their own RSS feed.

My apologies for any inconvenience or sad faces this may cause, and we all hope you stick around for the same fun manga and BL content here at Kuriousity!

Review: Tender Master

Tender Master
Tender Master on Kindle

Author: Yamila Abraham
Artist: Ero Pinku
Publisher: Yaoi Prose
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: June 2012

Synopsis: “Caleb knew he was from a special race born to serve the Crystalline gods. Monks trained him as a priest until he reached adulthood, and then he went to Crystalline palace to serve his masters—as a sex slave. Caleb’s world is shattered. His beloved gods are lascivious pigs. He can’t accept that the righteous faith he built his whole life around is a farce. Caleb flees the gods’ harem to try to be a missionary for them. He hopes putting some distance between him and his new duties will somehow bring back the ideals he had growing up. Unfortunately for Caleb the Crystalline gods aren’t the only ones who desire his kind. General Caine, a high-ranking demon for the Crystalline gods’ worst enemy, is looking for a mate just like Caleb. When his ship is destroyed he’s marooned on an icy world with his new demon suitor.”

Well, this was a really fast read, which is something I look for in this type of book, but for once I sort of felt cheated. Tender Master went by in a blur and read more like the outline for what could be a really great story.

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PR: Animate USA Adds New Kindle Titles for January 2012


TOKYO, JAPAN – January 12th – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is excited to announce its monthly releases for January! New this month is a never-before-published story by You Higashino, “Theorem of Desire.” It continues the previously released story “Aphrodisiac Kiss.” Also available in January is the one-shot story “Platinum Pasta” by Youka Nitta and the continuation of Naduki Koujima’s popular “Selfish Love” series. “Platinum Pasta” and “Theorem of Desire” can only be found on the Kindle, so you can’t get them anywhere else!

For more information, go to www.animate-world.com and www.libre-pub.co.jp If one release from Youka Nitta isn’t enough to satisfy you, check out nittayouka.com for recent news, comments, wallpapers, and more. We don’t have an Ayano Yamane release this month, but you can always keep up with her on her website yamaneayano.com complete with updates, artwork, and author commentary! Support your favorite authors by visiting their websites!

January 2011:
Youka Nitta – “Platinum Pasta” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!
You Higashino – “Theorem Of Desire” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!
Naduki Koujima – “Selfish Love Vol.2 Part 4” KINDLE DEBUT

“Platinum Pasta” by Youka Nitta

It’s been a year since Mamiya opened up his Italian restaurant at a coastal resort. Stocking up on top-class ingredients from a fisherman named Ohsuga and an herb garden owner named Eiji, his restaurant has skyrocketed. Then one night, Mamiya happens to see a lover’s quarrel between Ohsuga and Eiji, and he begins to plan an intervention…

“Theorem of Desire” by You Higashino

Never before published in print, it’s finally out for the Kindle!
It’s the sequel to “Aphrodisiac Kiss.”
Ayashima was about to be attacked, but he was saved by Takamura.
Takamura’s kisses melt his stubborn heart from his painful past and draw out his sexual desire…

“Selfish Love Vol.2 Part 4” by Naduki Koujima

The Unexpected Climax!
Orito, the President of the Honors Society, won’t take “no” for an answer. He refuses to stop pursuing the affections of Ryuuya, the Vice President.

After all, according to Orito, the Vice President is supposed to be his “right hand man.” The advances keep escalating, and Ryuuya’s honor is at stake!

Will he remain pure and defiant, or will he give in to Orito’s strong and sensuous game of love?

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DramaQueen Puts Missing Road Up for Pre-Order

DramaQueen is taking one more step forward into looking like a viable publisher again – they’re now taking pre-orders for the second of their books since the return: Missing Road.

“An epic sci-fi adventure of love, loss and redemption. Three men work against time and a corrupt society to re-animate a dead planet. In an elite mercenary force comprised of convicted criminals, Leo Bride struggles to protect his comrades, both from their enemies and the system itself.”

Currently Missing Road is for sale through DramaQueen’s site for $11.00 and is listed as being 200 pages. In an e-mail sent out, the DQ rep stated the books would be shipping around Christmas.

Togainu no Chi Anime Now Streaming at ANN!

Originally announced back in late-March, the anime adaptation of Togainu no Chi has finally aired and AnimeNewsNetwork is streaming a subtitled version of the episodes free and legally for your convenience!

Though originally based on a boys’ love sim, the anime adaptation – much like the better known version of the manga adaptation – doesn’t have the same focus on boys’ love elements. It should still be chock-ful of the violence, innuendo, drugs and drama that made the original interesting all the same however, plus all the snazzily designed characters.

ANN will be streaming new episodes every Wednesday with the first four episodes currently available to watch.

PR: Yamane Ayano Official Site Is Open!


Dear Yamane Ayano fans!!

All About Yamane Ayano! The world’s first official Ayano Yamane portal site by Animate U.S.A., Inc. is now open!

TOKYO, JAPAN – October 29 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is extremely excited to announce the launch of Ayano Yamane’s first official portal site!  Yamane fans will have access to the newest updates about Ayano Yamane’s projects, and get connected to Ayano Yamane via twitter & her blog. In addition, the site will host her manga and artwork as well.  And best of all, you’ll be able to find all kinds of Ayano Yamane mangas available to purchase through the site!  Multiple languages are available! (English and Japanese only at opening.) Show your love for Ayano Yamane by stopping by and checking out her site when it launches!

For more information, visit yamaneayano.com.

Also, a new title from the Finder Series by Ayano Yamane is now available in the Kindle Store. Don’t miss it!!

“Viewfinder Series – Akihito Takaba’s Refined Summer Vacation” by Ayano Yamane

Hot Summer Night, XX on the beach!?

A dangerous love that melts your body and heart. An invitation obtained on the summer beach… but it’s a sweet trap by Asami.

Enjoy this unpublished episode of the much-loved series all over the world, Viewfinder Series!

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Two New Boys’ Love Anthologies Out for Yaoi Con

Just in time for the upcoming Yaoi Con, two new boys’ love anthologies are being released to offer up those in attendance, or those of us ordering online, a slew of beautiful looking original boys’ love stories.

The first is called the Adamo Anthology and is described as:

“…158 pages and contains four one-chapter comics and four illustrations all centering around the theme “strange love”.”

The book is currently available to pre-order online for $15.00 (plus shipping). Their website has previews of most of the content being published in the first book, which includes both comic pages and pin-ups, and info about the contributing creators.

The other anthology is called Crown Royale, with its first volume out for Yaoi Con and also available online for order now. This collection of stories from multiple artists is referred to as:

“A comedic re-imagining of classic fairy tales by boys’ love artists!”

The first volume is limited to 250 copies and is available to purchase for $12 in-person at Yaoi Con, or $17 shipped to Canada/US. Their website has previews of the work available in this first installment and a list of the artists.

Both releases are rated for 18+ readers, so a warning for all curious. Each of these books look super shiny and sport some fantastic and varied artwork. I hope those attending YaoiCon are able to pick up some of those advance copies and let us know what awaits those of us who’ve pre-ordered online.

Review: Royal Pain (Part 01)

Reviewer: Jaime Samms

Purchase now

Author: Yamila Abraham
Artist: M.A. Sambre
Publisher: Yaoi Prose
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: April 2010

Synopsis: “An enticing new-comer has arrived in King Jereth’s court. Moors has invented electricity in the Middle Ages, and has quite a high opinion of his accomplishment. When he’s installed as the kingdom’s Royal Alchemist he begins to make outrageous demands, and then throws tantrums when those demands aren’t met. King Jereth is amused with the attractive upstart at first, but then finds his spoiled attitude tedious. No matter how brilliant the man is Jereth will not tolerate disrespect. When Moors accidentally hits Jereth’s bottom with a sharp piece of metal he reaches his limit. Moors is thrown over his knee and spanked. Despite being spurred by anger, the act has an unusual effect on both king and vassal. It gave Jereth a thrill he didn’t expect, and Moors became subdued and aroused. A most unconventional romance has begun!”

This story is just a thinly veiled excuse for a bit of a spanking fantasy – not that there’s anything wrong with that. I enjoyed Moors’ characterization. He was no shrinking violet, and had every reason to resist the king’s advances based on his previous experiences at the hands of a capricious monarch. Plus, being a genius is tough enough without the distraction of a groping king to worry about. His resistance is believable in its source, at least, and the king’s tenacity is truly epic. Whether the spanking as punishment would hold up in a true D/s situation is debatable, but it is fun to watch, and interesting to see how Moors manages to retain his independent, belligerent streak despite his inner desire to actually submit, and his fear surrounding giving up that independence.

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Loud Snow Print Edition Pre-Orders Now Available

Loud Snow

Pre-orders have opened for print editions of Loud Snow – a one-shot boys’ love story about two young men falling in love on chilly ice flats (except much more interesting than my bad one-line synopsis). It’s written by Tina Anderson (author of Only Words and Whore of Turfan) and drawn by Amelie Belcher.

“Romantic ice-age hilarity ensues as young whaler Anituk’s miserable life with doting parents and an oversexed wife-hunting brother is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Abalu, a tall handsome stranger who delights in encroaching upon Anituk’s angst.”

The KINDLE edition will be available at the end of April while the physical books are set to start shipping mid-July. The price is really reasonable (only $8), especially for a book that’s working on a print-by-demand system. Aka – really awesome deal that directly supports the creators and gets these books through the printer!

You can currently read a couple preview pages of the story on the book’s pre-order info website. Pre-orders for the print edition are currently being taken through PayPal, and, though shipping via mail begins July 12, there’s also the option to pick up your books a couple days early at the San Japan convention in Texas.

Tyrant Who Falls In Love Listed for OVA Release

Tyrant Who Falls In Love - Anime Announced

Hinako Takanaga’s Tyrant Who Falls In Love boys’ love series has been officially scheduled for an anime adaptation! The news was released in the May edition of Japan’s Gush magazine (where the series currently runs). There are no further details yet on the company producing or the release date. (via AnimeNewsNetwork)

But really, the news itself is impressive enough in itself isn’t it? Seems there’s been a good streak of boys’ love series being adapted into animes in Japan lately and the popularity of Tyrant is sure to have this news serve as music to many a fans’ ear. It’ll be entertaining in itself seeing Hinako Takanaga’s art brought to the screen for the first time as well and will allow her fans to ponder what other series would look like animated (a one-shot OVA of The Devil’s Secret anyone?).

The Tyrant Who Falls In Love follows the trials of Tetsuhiro Morinaga whose fallen hopelessly in love with his senpai – unfortunately this ponytailed, steely-eyed man who has won Morinaga’s affection also happens to be homophobic and bearer of a wicked temper. The series is currently up to five completed volumes in Japan and was originally a spin-off of one of Hinako Takanga’s older works, Challengers.

Though the real question in light of this news is… will we see this anime get licensed for English release so we can actually buy/watch it? With the way license-trends for boys’ love material have been in recent years, eyes should likely be looking in RightStuf/Nozomi Entertainment’s direction as they prepare for their upcoming release of the anime adaptation of Junjo Romantica.

News of the series’ adaptation also comes at a great time for Digital Manga who announced at YaoiCon 2009 their acquisition of the manga for English release. The first volume is due out September 2010 and pre-orders are currently available via Amazon.

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