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The (Saihoshi) Redemption is Coming

Saihoshi Redemption

Fans of the two-part boys’ love fantasy story, Saihoshi, have no doubt been looking forward to the sequel series due out this month. Only a few days left! Spanish anime/manga website, Ramen Para Dos, has a lengthy post on this upcoming sequel to KOSEN’s Saihoshi, titled Saihoshi Redemption. The article is in Spanish but can be read with general ease using Google’s translation tool.

Little has been known about the sequel series past its novel format (as opposed to a manga-format of the original books). Recently Yaoi Prose, who will be digitally publishing Saihoshi Redemption in English, has posted a synopsis:

“It’s been two years since Sastre, The Guardian of the North, decided to betray the Order and run away with Kaleth, servant and lover of prince Anel. Since then, they live in an isolated cabin in the forest at the East, Yinn’s territory, the Guardian who helped them in their escape.

However, Sastre’s betrayal has come to light, so the Order sends to pursue the offenders to the only warriors who can defeat a Guardian: the fearsome Executors.

Now, Sastre, Kaleth and Yinn will find themselves bound to redime their acts in a journey that will reveal the obscure secrets of the Order and will put their feelings to a test.”

Ramen Para Dos’s article shares along with the synopsis a couple character bios and some shiny new artwork. It also lists the different features that KOSEN will be offering on their Saihoshi website along with the story itself. Some of these things include a blog, purchasable merchandise, extra artwork and lots of opportunity for fan interaction. The art, site access and novel will be downloadable for free in Spanish.

Currently is a countdown to the website’s launch which is set for January 15, 2010.

KOSEN are two Spanish artists who’ve been creating comics under the name together since 1998. English global-boys love publisher, Yaoi Press has published their series Saihoshi and the one-shot Stallion. Yaoi Press’s sister company Yaoi Prose will be digitally releasing Saihoshi Redemption in English later in the month.

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