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NYAF 2010: Dark Horse

NYAF 2010: Dark Horse

Dark Horse had its comic panel on Friday of New York Anime Fest, and while the time given to manga-related info stayed around the 3 minute mark out of the hour long panel, they still had two new license announcements to make that are bound to please fans of some of their most popular titles.

Bloodlines Battlefront is by Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun. The manga originally ran in the same manga that serialized Gantz, which feels a bit indicative of the tone this story will have. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic New York city where a vampire, werewolf and zombie work together to defend survivors living there from otherworldly creatures.

Drifters is by Kouta Hirano, the creator of Hellsing. This series is about a man who after being fatally injured in a battle, is whisked away to a strange dimension, inhabited by humans and fantasy creatures alike, where characters based on historical figures battle against both strange creatures and one another. It sounds like this series will have an overlaying tone of humour like Hellsing did as well.

Dark Horse will also be releasing Shinjuku Azul which is a sequel volume to their previously released illustrated novel, Shinjuku by Christopher “mink” Morrison and Yoshitaka Amano (artist best known for their Final Fantasy character designs).

Prior engagements meant I had to leave the Dark Horse panel a bit early, after which time they discussed upcoming plans for digital distribution. For more information on this, I recommend checking out Deb Aoki’s round-up of the panel.

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