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Vertical’s Announcement of No Longer Human ‘Premature’

Vertical has made an announcement on their website today that their license announcement of Furiya Urusama’s No Longer Human was “prematurely disclosed”. The license was originally announced just this past weekend at New York Anime Fest.

“Due to a communication error between the company’s New York and Tokyo offices, the property was falsely presented as slated for publication. While the licensors for this series and Vertical are currently actively in contract negotiations, the North American rights have not been secured. Vertical, Inc. will continue to work with the rights holders for No Longer Human with hopes to properly acquire the license, and it apologizes to all parties involved in this unfortunate and unintentional error.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened with Vertical in particular. News of their acquisition of Osamu Tezuka’s Ayako was out to the public prior to finalizations of the contract after the listing appeared on Amazon and, in an unrelated event, was revealed by a representative at one of their Vertical Vednesday presentations.

Incidents like these always make me wonder – what kind of guidelines do companies generally follow when it comes to proper handling of yet-to-be-finalized titles? For a good while, and still to some point today, it was common place to find out new licenses some time before they were officially announced simply by searching the newest manga additions on sites such as Amazon, RightStuf and AAAAnime. But in some instances it’s even been said the revelation of said titles immediately jeopardizes the license itself. Why then do companies make the thus presumably very risking decision to submit these books to distribution channels so early?

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NYAF 2010: Dark Horse

NYAF 2010: Dark Horse

Dark Horse had its comic panel on Friday of New York Anime Fest, and while the time given to manga-related info stayed around the 3 minute mark out of the hour long panel, they still had two new license announcements to make that are bound to please fans of some of their most popular titles.

Bloodlines Battlefront is by Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun. The manga originally ran in the same manga that serialized Gantz, which feels a bit indicative of the tone this story will have. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic New York city where a vampire, werewolf and zombie work together to defend survivors living there from otherworldly creatures.

Drifters is by Kouta Hirano, the creator of Hellsing. This series is about a man who after being fatally injured in a battle, is whisked away to a strange dimension, inhabited by humans and fantasy creatures alike, where characters based on historical figures battle against both strange creatures and one another. It sounds like this series will have an overlaying tone of humour like Hellsing did as well.

Dark Horse will also be releasing Shinjuku Azul which is a sequel volume to their previously released illustrated novel, Shinjuku by Christopher “mink” Morrison and Yoshitaka Amano (artist best known for their Final Fantasy character designs).

Prior engagements meant I had to leave the Dark Horse panel a bit early, after which time they discussed upcoming plans for digital distribution. For more information on this, I recommend checking out Deb Aoki’s round-up of the panel.

NYAF 2010: Vertical Inc.

NYAF 2010: Vertical Inc

Saturday evening at New York Anime Fest sported an industry panel by Vertical Inc. It was your standard one-hour panel but they made it count with a couple license announcements and a whole bunch of other information.

The panel was run by marketing director, Ed Chavez, and Vertical editorial director, Ioannis Mentzas.  Sitting in on the sound box was the bug-eyed Chi plushie (belonging to the namesake series’ creator), which has become a staple at Vertical events since the toy was left behind at SDCC.

On the note about the plush toy, they noted that they’ve been taking photos of fans with the cat at various events and, with individuals’ permission, would like to one day release a postcard book of the pictures. That being said, the Chi plush will also be making an appearance at MangaNext.

There were two new titles announced during this panel.

The first is a new Osamu Tezuka title called Book of Human Insects. It’s a fairly hefty series at ten volumes with each one currently planned to be sold at $29.99. The book will be 360 pages and is slated for release on July 26, 2011 at a price of $21.95. (Thanks to Kate Dacey for the correction) The original title of the series was ‘Human Metamorposis’ and it tells the tale of a woman who repeatedly changes her profession, and subsequently her entire identity, which direly affects those around her.

The second title is No Longer Human by Furuya Usamaru. This is the artist’s most current work. The series itself is three volumes long and will be $12.95 a volume. The first volume will be 208 pages and will be released September 13, 2011. The story is based off a novel written by Osama Dazai about a man named Oba Yozo who struggles with his need to hide behind a false personality as he suffers from the trauma of a sexual childhood experience.

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NYAF 2010: Yen Press

NYAF 2010: Yen Press

Yen Press’s panel today at New York Anime Fest kicked off the longest string of manga-related panels at the event this year. It was also the first event I sat in on that had the pleasure of being on the opposite wall of an anime-themed dance/scream-fest next door. Huzzah!

On the panel was Abby Blackman (editorial assistant), Kurt Hassler (editorial director), Ju-Young Lee (lead editor) and Tania Biswa (assistant editor). They received a good amount of applause right from the start which was nice to see.

After brief introductions, they kicked off a slideshow with the following info:

With the Light (Vol. 08) – The upcoming final volume of With the Light. It includes the material the late-Keiko Tobe had been working on before she passed.

Soulless: An Alexa Tarabotti Novel – A licensed series of young adult fiction that Yen Press is looking to adapt into graphic novels. The original novels were written by Gail Carringer. Yen Press is currently seeking an artist for this project which will be serialized in Yen Plus. The series is set in a semi-steampunk Victorian England where a women with no soul is at odds with vampires and werewolves in a society that has accepted them.

During this point in the panel, Kurt Hassler pointed out that artist Svetlana Chmakova was in the audience and would be signing books at the end of the event. They also noted that her series Nightschool is having the fourth volume released this month and the most recent chapter was published in the newest Yen Plus installment.

Witch & Wizard – Another novel by James Patterson (creator of Maximum Ride and Daniel X), this is another new Yen Press adaptation in the works. Svetlana is doing the art for this series which they expect may begin serialization in Yen Plus by the year’s end The series is about two siblings who discover they have magical powers only after being charged with it as an offense.

Yen Press said they did have licenses to announce at NYAF but their contracts didn’t come in as expected so they were unable to announce anything further in regards to new titles.

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Kuriousity.ca, Site Tweakage and Onwards to NYAF!

Now available as kuriousity.ca!

Hey everyone – a few quick notes today about some little tweaks and changes that I’ve made around Kuriousity lately. Most exciting news though first-off is that you can now reach our website with the URL – kuriousity.ca! Only took three years to get this address but finally something true to our Canadian -side and easier to remember!

In content-news, I’ve been working to clean up some of the static pages and my first stop was the dust-gathering Oh!Canada section. Clicking the Canadian flag in the header bar now leads a page that is both a link-hub to the relevant sections but also to those posts under the Canada category. Within Oh!Canada I’ve also revamped the Canadian Comic Shops page so that all provinces are on a single, easily-navigated page. Always looking for short reviews of stores around the country so send me an e-mail if you’d like to submit one.

Across the site, all posts now include an Author tag. All posts in the past have been posted by yours truly but now you can expect some news and editorial posts to go along with the reviews already provided by the rest of the fabulous Kuriousity crew! Some recent posts have been Andre’s sleuthing about DelRey that ended up preluding their transfer over to Kodansha, while Shannon has been sharing thirteen manga series she recommends for Halloween reading this October.

Expect some more changes, additions and hopefully helpful little tweaks across the site in the next couple of weeks.

As for this week however, I’ll be down in New York for New York Anime Fest to meet a ton of awesome folks, sit in on some panels, spelunk the vendors room and be a generally eager tourist in America’s Big Apple. Heading to NYAF this weekend as well? Let me know! I’m exciting to meet people. Expect updates on the site throughout the weekend, as well as quick updates to my Twitter account with any news or fun tidbits as they happen.

Start Your Pencils – NYAF 2010 Mascot Design Contest

NYAF 2010 - Mascot Design Contest

Covention season is upon us and that means a lot of things –  but for the sake of this post, it means art contests! New York Anime Fest (which is joining with New York Comic Con for the first time this year) has opened up its annual mascot design contest with snazzy prizes and a one month submission time.

“Announced May 1 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Sakura Matsuri and running until May 20th, Kinokuniya, theOtaku.com, Del Rey Manga, and the New York Anime Festival welcome artists and anime fans from around America to think about what “Anime”, “New York City”, and (because we’re in October) “Halloween”, mean to them and draw these thoughts into an original character. Whether it’s big, small, a towering mecha, or chibi, we want to see your entries!”

The grand-prize winner will not only have the fun of seeing their artwork used on all NYAF”s official merchandise but will also receive a copy of all the material the art is used on, 10 free passes to the event and 50 volumes of Del Rey manga!

All entries are due May 20th with the finalists announced on June 1st. Then, after a month of voting at their Kinokuniya bookstore in New York, the official grand-prize winner will be revealed at the end of June.

Good luck to all the entrants!

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