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PR: Animate USA New Kindle Releases for April 2011


TOKYO, JAPAN – May 9 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to bring you four new titles for the Amazon Kindle Store this April!

This month sees the continuation of three popular series as well as the beginning of a brand new story by Naduki Koujima! Other releases include Youka Nitta’s “Sound of My Voice,” You Higashino’s “Hyper Loving a Maniac,” and Shiuko Kano’s “Play Boy Blues.” You can only get them on Kindle so be sure to download all four of these new releases this month! They are not to be missed!

For more information, please visit www.animate-world.com and www.libre-pub.co.jp. If you’re a fan of Youka Nitta, please drop by her website, nittayouka.com to see wallpapers, author comments, and any news. Also, Animate USA is happy to announce that there is now a Japanese version of her website. For those Ayano Yamane fans out there, check out her site, yamaneayano.com, which also has updates, wallpapers, and comments from Yamane herself! Be sure to check them out!!

April 2011:

Naduki Koujima – “Selfish Love Vol.1 Part 1”

Youka Nitta – “Sound of My Voice – Boku No Koe – Part 10” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

You Higashino – “Hyper Loving A Maniac Part 5 – Dream ■ote Version” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

Shiuko Kano – “P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 6” KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

“Selfish Love Vol.1 Part 1” by Naduki Koujima

Breaking all the rules…

Ryuya was only trying to finish his University courses when he caught the eye of the wealthy and gorgeous Orito.

As President of the prestigious Honors Society, Orito has the right to hand-pick his assistant…and he’s chosen Ryuya!

Campus politics aren’t the only things on Orito’s mind, and Ryuya is shocked to discover that his newfound suitor always gets what he wants…

The 1st episode of Selfish Love.

“Sound of My Voice – Boku No Koe – Part 10” by Youka Nitta

Voice actors Jouchi and Kazama are on the rise.

Anxious about their uncertain futures, they have been accepting every job that comes their way.

Kazama strains himself and loses his voice – the tool of his trade – so Jouchi attacks him with his uncontrollable desire.

“If you look like you’re going to let out your voice, I’ll restrain you from speaking…”

However, he doesn’t realize the circumstances it will lead to…

Meanwhile, the love between the veteran voice actors Kurokawa and Hosaka is wavering dangerously!?

The tenth episode of Sound of My Voice – Boku No Koe –.

“Hyper Loving A Maniac Part 5 – Dream ■ote Version ” by You Higashino

The “Dream ■ote”… With this wondrous notebook, whenever the OTAKU-like Morita writes down his fantasies about his lover Sakura, they will surely come true.

* If I was a teacher and Sakura was a female student receiving extra lessons…

* If I was a pirate and Sakura was the stubborn son of a nobleman…

* If I was a fox spirit and Sakura was a Shinto priest… etc.

How are Morita’s fantasy scenarios with Sakura granted!?

All of the answers can be found in this comic… ■■■!!

A fifth episode of Hyper Loving A Maniac, Dream ■ote Version.

“P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 6” by Shiuko Kano

Junsuke feels that someone is hiding in his and Shinobu’s apartment.

One day, the birthday flowers sent to Shinobu are destroyed. Shinobu’s trauma is gradually revealed, and it is preventing Shinobu from deeply falling in love with Junsuke.

The sixth episode of P.B.B. Play Boy Blues.

About Animate U.S.A., Inc.

From North to South, it’s by far the largest anime store chain in Japan! It’s the go-to place for any anime/manga fan! Character goods from anime, manga, game, comics, art supplies… You name it! All anime/manga-related merchandise is available! Additionally, you can find original Animate goods, specials, etc. Furthermore, we have special events such as autograph sessions, panel discussions, campaigns, and more! Come to Animate filled with ‘Dreams’ and ‘Hope’!!
See http://www.animate.co.jp/ for more information. (Japanese site)

About Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.

The biggest BL publisher in Japan. The company name “Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.” is taken from the Latin base “Lib” which can mean “Book” or “Liberty.” Such is the aim of our company, to be able to share this love of “books” and “freedom” by the unique contents of the works that we offer, for the enjoyment of our readers. See http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/ for more information. (in Japanese)

For further inquiries regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at the following:
Regarding titles: rights@libre-pub.co.jp
Regarding Kindle Releases: ebookinfo@animate.co.jp

We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our books and for your continued support.

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