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Super Savings: Fumi Yoshinaga Edition

Super Savings: Fumi Yoshinaga

August’s Manga Moveable Feast – an assortment of articles from a variety of bloggers about a single manga topic – is about Fumi Yoshinaga, manga artist extraordinaire. There’re already lots of great posts for the MMF about her books, her art style and her storytelling methods so I highly recommend following the updates.

For my contribution, I’ve compiled sources where you can buy Fumi Yoshinaga’s books online. We’re lucky to have so many to choose from and collect  – just compiling this list was a great reminder. While there’re a variety of places online and in-store to purchase her books, I’ve tried to find the cheapest options to make it that much easier to start, add to or finish your Yoshinaga library.

The red price indicates the lowest I could find (new from retailers, not used) and the first link offered is the source offering that price. I also added the Amazon links for those who prefer to buy from there. Note: Prices listed here are recent at the time of this posting and may not reflect what they are later!

All My Darling Daughters $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“Yukiko, a salarywoman in her thirties, still lives with her mother Mari. But their relationship suffers a sudden change when Mari announces that she’s getting married – to an ex-host and aspiring actor who’s younger than Yukiko. Yukiko, convinced he’s out to fleece her mom, can’t stand to stay in the house and decides to move in with her boyfriend.”

Antique Bakery (Vol. 01-03) Bundle $6.99
[ Akadot ]

Antique Bakery (Vol. 01) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“When an old antique shop re-opens as the hottest new bakery in an unsuspecting neighborhood, there’s no doubt that a few surprises are cooking. Love, rejection, old high school flames and the most delicious boy-to-boy affections all blend together to make a treat unlike any other. The Antique Bakery is now open… care for a dessert?”

Antique Bakery (Vol. 02) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Winter rain showers bring much more than frosting flowers when a mysterious man in sunglasses shows up at the bakery and addresses snooty Tachibana as “My Lord” in front of the entire staff! Suddenly, Tachibana’s secret history is revealed, and his dashing protector starts turning a few heads…when he isn’t accidentally running into walls”

Antique Bakery (Vol. 03) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“The Antique Bakery is busier than ever, and the sweet smell of success means even more curious customers are rushing through the doors to sample the treats…including yet another mysterious stranger! This time around, it’s a dashing blonde businessman from Paris claiming to be Ono’s long-lost lover. Is he serving up the truth, or is something else on the back burner?”

Antique Bakery (Vol. 04)
[ >>>] [Other: |]

“In the midst of this mania, terrible memories of a trauma from his younger days return to haunt him thanks to a brand-new wave of child abductions. A task force is on the case, but nobody has an easy answer yet…or a suspect. The nastiest twist? The victims all apparently died after having sampled delicious cakes.”

Don’t Say Anymore, Darling $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“The only thing keeping Tadashi, a struggling song lyricist, alive is food handouts from Kouhei, a successful doctor. In fact, Tadashi has been leeching off of Kouhei for practically their entire professional lives. But Kouhei’s parents want nothing more than to see their son settling down. As Kouhei is pushed ever more forcefully into an arranged marriage, will he finally admit that he sees Tadashi as something more than just a friend?”

Flower of Life (Vol. 01-03) Bundle $9.99
[ Akadot ]

Flower of Life (Vol. 01) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Forced to enroll one month late after recovering from a serious illness, Harutaro does his best to remain optimistic about enrolling in a new school. The other students try to make Haru feel welcome – especially his chubby, loveable pal, Shota – but Kai Majima, president of the manga club and all-around hard case, seems intent on making Harutaro’s high school life a living nightmare.”

Flower of Life (Vol. 02) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Harutaro is at a loss. He and his buddy Shota have decided to produce their very own manga for the school cultural festival. Simultaneously, Harutaro has been picked for the lead role in the class play… but his lines are embarrassingly, overwhelmingly romantic! It’ll take a “manly” effort just to get through them. Harutaro’s classmates have a dilemma of their own – who knew Haru was such a bad actor?!”

Flower of Life (Vol. 03) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“It’s Christmastime, and Harutaro and his classmates are stoked for the big party! At least, that was the plan until… the tree, the food, the cake, the party music… each one in charge of these items hits an unexpected snag. Will the students’ festive get-together turn into a disaster that ruins the holiday for one-and-all? Or will the spirit of the season come through, despite every catastrophe?”

Flower of Life (Vol. 04)
[ >>> ] [Other: | ]

“As the school year winds down, Harutaro is in good spirits. His illness feels like a thing of the past, he and his best friend Shota are developing aspirations toward becoming professional manga artists, and best of all – his mom has come home for a visit! Just when things seem at their best, life often finds a way of balancing the scales. When a family secret causes Harutaro to question his future, who will he turn to in his lowest moment?”

Garden Dreams $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“In a castle in a far-off western land, there once lived a baron with empty eyes, whose melancholy ways belied a love of beauty and song. A wondrous garden surrounded the baron’s home–a place of quiet splendor that served to remind him of his painful, untended memories. Could the songs of two bards bring dreams of a happier tomorrow? Or would they bring more loss than the baron might possibly bear?”

Gerard & Jacques (Vol. 01) $7.49
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“As far as romantic first encounters go, meeting in a high-class brothel isn’t typical. Gerard becomes Jacques’ first and last patron when he buys freedom for the boy after sleeping with him. However, Gerard gives Jacques a challenge – can a spoiled child of the nobility survive on his own and earn his living without selling his body?”

Gerard & Jacques (Vol. 02) $7.49
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“Jacques has been living in Gerard’s household for several years now, and has gone from houseboy to secretary and assistant, but increasingly he wants to be something even more special to Gerard. But what will happen when Jacques’ family reappears to claim him as their own? Will he be willing to leave the life, and the man, that he has grown to love? And with the thunder of revolution in the air, what can the future hold for this fledgling relationship?”

Ichigenme (Vol. 01) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Tamiya meets Tohdou at Teinou University when he is unexpectedly French kissed by him at his zemi’s, or seminar’s, launch party! While Tamiya is somewhat put off by the unexpected kiss, considering the other students were forced to strip, he is grateful to Tohdou and they soon begin a curious friendship. But things become a little rocky when Tohdou admits he is gay and asks Tamiya to become his lover…”

Ichigenme (Vol. 02) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“The (apparently) frivolous Tohdou and the (overly) serious Tamiya continue to collide after graduation. But with Tohdou working on his PHD thesis and Tamiya an assistant professor at the university, the two rarely have time for each other, let alone sex.Luckily, Tohdou’s younger brother, Hiroaki, has just entered law school and is a student in Tamiya’s class.”

Lovers in the Night $4.99
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“Hired as a servant by an aristocratic family, Claude works hard to care for the family that took him in. But when the master of the house and his wife eventually pass away, Claude must keep spoiled son Antoine in line and teach him to be a proper gentleman. As the two become closer, a forbidden love develops between them…”

Moon and Sandals (Vol. 01) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Young Mr. Ida might be a newbie teacher but he is capable enough. Problem is, every time he writes his lecture on the board, he feels this deeply intense gaze boring through the back of his head. Could he be doing something wrong? For huge and intimidating student Kobayashi, Mr. Ida can’t do anything wrong. In fact, Ida is Kobayashi’s Mr. Right.”

Moon and Sandals (Vol. 02) $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Kobayashi, Toyo, Ida, Hashizume and Rikuko… everyone has gotten a little older but are they any wiser? The loveable characters of The Moon and the Sandals saga begin a new chapter in their lives. Kobayashi and Toyo have both successfully started their careers, Hashizume now heads his own restaurant and Rikuko is studying to be a doctor. But amidst all this seeming success, old issues still lurk below the surface, waiting to be resolved. Question is… Will the gang be able to muster enough maturity to finally settle old scores?”

Not Love But Delicious Foods $8.24
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“There is a Japanese saying that goes, “Hana yori dango,” or “dumplings over flowers.” No one is more of an advocate of this adage than mangaka Y-naga, a woman whose life revolves around her intense work and equally intense sleep schedule. The only thing that can rouse her out of this infernal cycle of deadlines and being dead to the world? Food.”

Ooku (Vol. 01) $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“In Edo period Japan, a strange new disease called the Red Pox has begun to prey on the country’s men. Within eighty years of the first outbreak, the male population has fallen by seventy-five percent. Women have taken on all of the roles traditionally granted to men, even that of the Shogun. The men, precious providers of life, are carefully protected. And the most beautiful of the men are sent to serve in the Shogun’s Inner Chamber…”

Ooku (Vol. 02) $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“Curious about why female lords must take on male names, the Shogun Yoshimune seeks out the ancient scribe Murase and his archives of the last eighty years of the Inner Chambers – called the Chronicle of the Dying Day. In it’s pages Yoshimune discovers the coming of the Redface Pox, the death of the last male Shogun, and the birth of the new Japan…”

Ooku (Vol. 03) $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“In this 17th Century Japan the Shogun is a woman… and the harem is full of men. The tale told in the Chronicle of the Dying Day continues as the young female shogun Iemitsu tries desperately to conceive a male heir. But her lover Arikoto seems unable to give her a child, and they must betray their hearts to save their country. Meanwhile, the Redface Pox continues its ruthless progress through Japan, leaving famine, despair, and the threat of anarchy in its wake.”

Ooku (Vol. 04) $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“Despite Iemitsu and Arikoto’s best efforts, there is no male heir to take over the shogunate. As the Redface Pox continues to ravage the country, it becomes increasingly clear within Edo Castle that Japan’s continued existence relies on overturning the centuries of custom that define it!”

Ooku (Vol. 05) $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“Gyokuei, who first arrived at the Inner Chambers as a young novitiate monk, has risen to become one of the shogun Tsunayoshi’s advisors. He hopes to protect the shogunate the same way his mentor Arikoto once did. But the numerous intrigues of the Inner Chambers – and the shogun herself – are pushing Gyokuei’s patience and cunning to the breaking point.”

Ooku (Vol. 06) $9.74
[ Right Stuf ] [Other: | ]

“The aging shogun Tsunayoshi must name an heir, but her senile father is blocking the ascendance of the most likely candidate in favor of a young, untried lord. But politics and the shogun’s own unpopularity may soon take the choice out of her hands.”

Solfege $4.00
[ Akadot ] [Other: | ]

“Kugayama is a gifted music teacher, but a man with little ambition. Despite being born to a wealthy and prominent family, he passes his days in apathy – content to simply go through the motions of life. Then one day, ex-student Azuma Tanaka comes to him for help in studying for a prestigious music school’s entrance exam. Kugayama finds himself drawn to Tanaka’s budding youth and enthusiasm, invoking a desire he’s never known before.”

Truly Kindly $9.50
[ EverythingYaoi ] [Other: | ]

“A collection of romantic, dramatic boys’ love stories from famed manga-ka Fumi Yoshinaga!From modern-day tales of romance in Seattle, to eerie stories from historical Japan, to Yoshinaga-sensei’s depiction of the class conflicts that fueled the French Revolution… “

If you’re looking for Japanese editions of Fumi Yoshinaga’s work, including a variety of unlicensed works (which we cross our fingers will be licensed one day!), you can purchase them at which offers delivery around the globe.

About the Author:

Lissa Pattillo is the owner and editor of Residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia she takes great joy in collecting all manners of manga genres, regretting that there's never enough time in the day to review or share them all. Along with reviews, Lissa is responsible for all the news postings to the website and works full time as a web and graphic designer.

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  2. […] Lissa Pattillo of Kuriousity makes a very helpful list of where you can buy Yoshinaga’s manga online. […]

  3. Josephine says:

    Where can I buy Flower of Life volume 4 at a fair price or will DMP be printing more of this final volume?

    • Lissa says:

      Flower of Life (Vol.04) has been a tricky volume to find at an affordable price for some time, unfortunately. Even their own online website is out of volume four and they\’ve been trying to get rid of overstock for volumes 1-3. It\’s been out of print for some time and to my knowledge Digital Manga doesn\’t have any plans to reprint it (reprints aren\’t common with the company because of the niche nature of their titles).

      They may make it available to read digitally via their app or website ( but if you\’d really like the print version (and who could blame you!), I\’d recommend letting them know – either by Twitter or their forums. They\’ve recently done a Kickstarter program to get a reprint of one of their older titles and are hoping to do more since it was a success. Their Fumi Yoshinaga titles are always well-requested for reprints so fingers crossed!

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