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Quests with Quinrose – Seven Seas Adds Two New Manga Series

Quests with Quinrose - Seven Seas Licenses Two New Manga Series

Seven Seas is releasing the first of their Alice in the Country of Clover volumes this week and well-timed to the release is news that they’ve licensed another manga adaptation from the same romance game: Alice in the Country of Jokers – Circus and Liar’s Game. This new series is also drawn by the same artist, Mamenosuke Fujimaru.

Alice in the Country of Jokers is the most recent manga series based on the game and started its serialization just this past Spring. An Amazon (US) listing for the first volume lists it for release in February 2013 at a cover price of $14.99/CAN & $12.99/US. The count of 192 pages indicates the series will be published in single-volume editions (as opposed to omnibus format).

The plot of this new Alice story is very similar to those before, following a young girl named Alice as she traverses the strange realm of Wonderland dodging danger, solving mysteries and, most of all, dealing with the bevy of pretty boys who all have some interest in her. The focus of Alice in the Country of Joker is to solve and survive the mystery of the Circus and the character, Joker, himself.

Seven Seas has also licensed a title called Crimson Empire: Circumstances to Serve a Noble. It’s a series based on another game written by Quinrose, who is responsible for the Alice games. It’s drawn by Hazuki Futaba and is currently three volumes long.

Crimson Empire follows a maid named Sheila whose past as an assasin makes her the perfect servant/body-guard hybrid for the Prince she serves. While working in the palace, she finds herself surrounded by an assortment of men and realizes her social and romantic skills are the things that need the most sharpening these days.

Neither of these series are of interest to me, but it’s great seeing more books coming out for Alice which has shown it has a decent following among English manga readers. The ‘main’ Alice story – Alice in the Country of Hearts – was previously published by Tokyopop and is now coming out from Yen Press. Credit for the above licensing news goes to AnimeNewsNetwork.

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